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According to the State Highway Administration, all lanes of Interstate 68 are now open in both directions after being closed because of whiteout conditions near the Allegany-Garrett county line in this morning's snowstorm. The Maryland Transit Administration says it is getting ready for up to 10 inches of snowfall Wednesday night and Thursday and expects to operate services as long as condiitions are safe for its passengers and employees.
The worst place and time to be driving in metropolitan Baltimore is the westbound Beltway at Harford Road (Exit 31) on a Wednesday between 8 a.m.
Baltimore's traffic congestion continued its slow climb into the top ranks among America's most jammed-up metropolitan areas last year, ranking 16th, according to a national survey. A couple hours of touring the side streets of Northeast Baltimore this afternoon showed that at long last the snow is gone down to the pavement on at least one lane of just about every street. Blogger Richard Layman has a well-reasoned article out focusing on the problems of maintaining walking and transit corridors during a snow emergency when it seemed all of government's efforts were focused on opening up travel lanes for vehicles. A coalition of opponents of drunk driving, supported by the O'Malley administration, will hold a news conference Wednesday to drum up support for a bill that would require ignition interlock devices for all convicted drunk drivers.
The Maryland Transportation Authority has called off its planned closing of the Outer Loop of the Beltway in the vicinity of the Curtis Creek drawbridge tonight because of the threat of poor weather. Reader Dave Adler gives me far too much credit for getting the snow off Conway Street, but he has a good point about Howard Street. The state of Virginia has just called a halt to a pilot project near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge under which it employed variable speed limits set using electronic signage. The Associated Press reports that a Prince George's County senator is hoolding up confirmation of the nomination of Beverly Swaim-Staley as transportation secretary. The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee was hearing a bill Thursday that would require drivers to move over or slow down when passing an emergency vehicle parked by the side ofr the road with its lights flashing -- a perfectly sensible law adopted by 47 states but not Maryland.Sen. AAA Mid-Atlantic was down in Annapolis this week in opposition to a proposal by General Assembly analysts to divert about $60 million a year in state sales tax revenues from the Transportation Trust Fund to the general fund. AAA has previously supported various measures that would have insulated the transportation fund from being tapped when the budget falls short.
Yesterday's posting reporting the problems that have afflicted inbound morning commuters coming off the Interstate 395 ramp and trying to merge into Conway Street brought a quick response from the Maryland Transportation Authority.
The Charm City Circulator will operate on a modified schedule on Thanksgiving Day, taking off during the day but coming alive in the evening to get get fans to and from the Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium. After the recent launch of the third line of Baltimore's Charm City Circulator -- the Green Route serving Johns Hopkins Hospital, Fells Point and Harbor East -- former city NAACP chief Marvin L.
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is planning to announce that service on the Green Route of the Charm City Circulator, the third line of Baltimore's free shuttle bus service, will start up Nov. The greater Baltimore region has more than 6,000 household that lack either a car or access to mass transit services, according to a report released Thursday by the Brookings Institution.That number is overshadowed by the more than 114,000 regional households that own no vehicles but do have access to transit.
Charm City Circulator Scott Solomon, who not long ago was recounting his grievances with the city's free shuttle services, thought it only fair that he pay tribute to recent improvements.
The Maryland Transit Administration says it is providing only limited local bus service this morning because many streets remain impassable. The Maryland Transit Administration has suspended local bus service and expects it to resume at 5 a.m. Chikwe Njoku wrote in with an inquiry about the Maryland Transit Administration's Transit Link Cards.
Last week, Getting There asked readers for their views of the Charm City Circulator, the city-run free bus service that made its debut a year ago Tuesday.
The Charm City Circulator free bus service reaches its first anniversary next Tuesday, and city officials are delighted with its ridership so far. Some of Baltimore's most-traveled streets remain closed today after two five-alarm fires within 24 hours disrupted traffic flow and bus service in the center of the city.
The Charm City Circulator has given a ride to its millionth passenger, reaching the seven-figure mark in less than a year since its launch last January, the Baltimore Department of Transportation said. The Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, which is surveying Maryland Transit Administration customers on the quality of service they receive, said it has identified four bus routes with a higher level of complaints than others.
The Curtis Bay Drawbridge, whose inner loop portion got stuck in the up position Monday night and forced the closing of a stretch of the Beltway, is now stuck in the down position.
AAA Mid-Atlantic put out a press release that does a good job of explaining the Maryland Transportation Authority's new fees and toll increases that take effect Wednesday. The Washington Metro system's string of ill fortune continued Monday as a man was struck and killed by a train headed for Shady Grove at the Forest Glen station on the Red Line in Montgomery County.Just a week ago, nine people were killed in the collision of two trains near the Fort Totten Station, also on the Red Line. The inner loop of the Baltimore Beltway (Interstate 695) has been closed for emergency repairs just south of the Francis Key Bridge for emergency repairs to the Curtis Creek Drawbridge. AAA Mid-Atlantic reports that after an unrelenting two-month run-up, gasoline prices finally turned the corner last week and started going down. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Administration says the Metro Red Line has resumed full operations for the first time since Monday's fatal train accident that killed nine people. When MTA deputy administrator Henry Kay gave an interview to Suzanne Collins of Channel 13 Thursday night about the proposed east-west Red Line, he drew a quick and vehement reaction from Canton residents who oppose a surface light rail line on Boston Street. The Baltimore Regional Transpportation Board has $20 million in federal stimulus funds to spend on transportation projects in the counties surrounding Baltimore, and it's seeking local residents' views on whiich projects should be funded.Should transportation officials spend $545,000 to resurface Fairmont Avenue between York Road and Goucher Boullevard in Baltimore County? In June of last year, the Getting There column chronicled the amazing driving career of Bruce C. Bereano recently added to his ticket trove by collecting one for driving without a seat belt on Somerset County.
It seems pretty obvious to me that fear of frequent citations is the only reason most people protest speeding cameras. If there is a battle to be fought here, it is the ludicrously low speed limits on some roads in Maryland (often the same roads where cameras are placed). Practically all drivers, police officers, and judges recognize this - that's why they don't pay any attention to the posted speed limits.
Michael, I think the time has come for you to disclose what tragedy has happened in your life to make you fixate on speed.
Wally, it is not emotionally unbalanced to be worried about people speeding when speed is a major factor in nearly all traffic collisions. Even when speed isn't the sole cause of a car collision, it heightens the injuries and lives lost. I only challenge you now because once you have lost this argument with physics and are no longer with us, you will have been just as likely to take someone to the grave while learning this lesson.
If you are still deluded into opining speed doesn't cause collisions, then please keep your inaccurate opinions to yourself . I think I've "stormed the barricades" with every bit as much gusto as Bereano, although I've yet to get a speed camera citation. The fact is that EVERY TIME SINGLE photo enforcement has been put to a direct popular vote in the US the people have voted it down. Roadways may be engineered for certain limits but neighborhoods should have the last word what they want the speed limits to be.
Michael Dresser has been an editor, reporter and columnist with The Sun longer than Baltimore's had a subway. Check prices at area gas stations by ZIP code and find the lowest rates in the region with our new interactive gas map. When a big news event breaks, we'll e-mail you the basics with links to up-to-date details. Getting There reader Jed Weeks recently wrote to complain about service on the Maryland Transit Administration's No. Jed Weeks of Baltimore, a regular commenter in this space, recently raised his concerns about the Maryland Transit Administration's No. At least 18 people were reported injured Wednesday after a passenger vehicle collided with a Maryland Transit Administration in West Baltimore, the MTA reported.
The Maryland Transit Administration plans to buy 57 new hybrid diesel-electric buses by piggybacking on a purchase by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation. Residents of Baltimore's Greenmount West community plan to hold a protest Thursday night to call for the closing of the Maryland Transit Administration's bus yard on Kirk Avenue, arguing that it generates noise and air pollution that hurt the neighborhood.
If the federal government shuts down because of the current budget impasses, as seems increasingly likely, MARC and commuter bus service will continue on a normal schedule -- at least at first. Getting There thanks Terry Owens, spokesman for the Maryland Transit Administration, for his prompt reply to the complaint about the No. Maryland Transit Administration rider Youssef Mahmoud is frustrated with the performance  of the No.
Brian DiNunno, on his blog Green Pivots, argues that the Maryland Transit Administration's Route No. Jonathan Howard of Baltimore recently read a story on this blog in which Maryland Transit Administration spokesman Terry Owens explained the MTA's criteria for considering a bus on time. The Maryland Transit Administration has announced changes to 14 bus lines in an effort to improve service.
Baltimore resident Eric Stull is a hard-working guy with two jobs and a rough commute from Northeast Baltimore to Timonium via two bus routes. Across the border, Delaware will be closing its service plaza next month to reconstruct it by next summer. COMMENT: In order to maximize the confusion of Marylanders, the General Assembly has created two entities with the initials MTA. Please note: Your first comment as a registered user will be held for moderation up to 24 hours (usually less). The SHA reports that I-68 from downtown Cumberland to Hancock has beenj plowed to care pavement and is in good condition. He was 78 and was undergoing treatment for emphysema.Keith was a member of the Red Line Advicory Council and a persistent critic of the Maryland Transit Administration's plans for the east-west transit line. The agency, having been buried by double-diigit snowfalls twice this month, is taking a wary approach to the coming snowfall. Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Maryland Highway Safety Foundation, two of the organizations that have put the ambitiously named Eliminate Drunk Driving Act at the top of their legislative agendas, will be represented, along with lead sponsors Sen. The planned closing of the northbound Route 10 ramp to the eastbound Beltway, which had also been scheduled for 7 p.m. Se les informa a los clientes que es posible que se demore la aparicion de la traduccion de la informacion publicada en el sitio web en ingles. Adrienne Barnes, a spokeswoman for the Baltimore City Department of Transportation, said the Circulator will operate from 5 p.m.
1, according to the Baltimore Department of Transportation.The Green Route will make a vaguely Y-shaped loop serving the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Fells Point, Harbor East and the City Hall area before retracing its course. Department of Transportation, four members of the Maryland congressional delegation announced.
Solomon pointed to new statistics that show the Circulator maintained an average interval between buses -- known as headway -- in March of 11 minutes, 2 seconds on its two routes.
1 concern of riders on the Maryland Transit Administration's local bus system and Metro subway -- whether they were satisfied with the service or not --  according to a survey conducted by the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance. The city launched its venture into transit service, previously the province of the Maryland Transit Administration, last Jan. City Transportation Department spokeswoman Kathy Chopper said Charles Street remains closed  from Centre to Madison Streets after an overnight fire in a building near Mount Vernon Square.
Brown said that as of the beginning of the year, about 72,000 E-ZPass subscribers had not used their transponders to pay any tolls in the previous 12 months.

That's good news for motorists, who were able to use the brdige Tuesday, but maybe not so good foor the Maryland  Transportation Authority, which expects to have to repair the bridge.
The fee, along with a $21 charge for new and replacement transponders, takes effect July 1.
She said the authoriity is trying to use a crane to bring the span back to where it belongs and that officials hope to have the bridge fixed by the morning issue.
Maryland Transportation Authority spokeswoman Teri Moss said the authority is making mechanical repairs to the bridge, which was raised to let a ship pass through and became stuck in the up position.
Kay was talking about one of the alternative plans for building the east-west transit line between Woodlawn and Bayview called 4C.
Bereano, the jolly good felon and back-slapping State House lobbyist turned anti-speed camera crusader.
We have a lot of unenforceable or unenforced laws, the most obvious ones being the speed limits. What about increasing the posted speed limits by five to ten miles an hour, except in school and construction zones? Mike's blog will be a forum for all who are interested in highways, transit and other transportation issues affecting Baltimore, Maryland and the region. Martin O'Malley announced.The purchase of the dozen 60-foot, articulated buses brings the MTA's hybrid fleet to 193, or 27 percent of its total. The protest comes as the MTA holds a community meeting at Cecil Elementary School  to outline its plans for improvements at the Kirk Avenue yard. The Maryland Transit Administration says that if ridership levels plummet, it might decide to reduce service. Kennedy Memorial Highway - the oh-so-'70s Chesapeake House in Cecil County, just to the north. But the agency responsible for the travel plazas, the Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA), is not the same as the agency responsible for the tunnel decision on the Red Line. However, blizzard conditions are affecting an area 10-15 miles west of Cumberland, and highway officials are unging motorists to travel west of Cumberland for now.
Overconfident or not, the highway agency says it's lying in wait for this storm with a replenished supply of about 200,000 tons of salt, nearly 2,400 pieces of equipment and 2,600 people. Since most of them have acquired a thick coating of black grime, it isn't a pretty sight, but some of these heaps and heaping enough that they might not be gone until May.
Sidewalk clearance was spotty at best, and many bus stops still remain inaccessible -- forcing transit riders to wait in the streets. The city said ridership over  the past month has averaged more than 4,840 a day on the Circulator's two lines -- the east-west Orange Route and the north-south Purple Route.
Kelly Melhem said there are no scheduled openings of the drawbridge for maritime traffic for the next three weeks -- giving authority engineers some time to diagnose the problem.
The authority's board adopted the charges, as well as a series of toll increases on trucks, in order to make up for a revenue shortfall and to begin recovering the administrative costs of the E-ZPass program.For some infrequent users, canceling E-ZPass could make economic sense. Metro said a preliminary investigation indicated that the victim was on the tracks intentionally. The authority has closed access to the inner loop from Exit 1 (Quarantine Road) and Exit 2 (Route 10). AAA Mid-Atlantic says that while the number of Marylanders traveling for the Fourth of July holiday will decrease - it will only be a dip of about half of a percent. I live in Cross Keys and our back patio is parallel to the stretch of the JFX between Cold Spring Lane and Northern Parkway.
It would involve building a light rail line in a tunnel through downtown and Fells Point, as well as under Cooks Lane in West Baltimore, but on the surface along Boston Street and Edmondson Avenue. Kay, I saw your interview with Suzanne Collins last night I am quite upset that you made such a misleading and untrue statement that only the people living on Boston Street are upset about alternative 4C.
Bereano (right)  had ample motivation for his advocacy because he had amassed a hoard of at least 22 traffic tickets since 1996 -- most of them for speeding. There is an unspoken reason why the minimum threshold for getting a speed-camera ticket is 11 miles higher than the posted speed limit.
Then maybe speeders wouldn't get as much leniency in the courts and on the highways since the posted speed would also be the safe speed?
I rather be on the road with him than someone who is distracted or has their eyes off the road in front of them. The number of hybrid 60-footers will grow from 30 to 42.The agency is in the process of converting its entire fleet to the fuel-saving hybrids.
If it is approved, as is routine for this type of contract, the MTA will increase the number of hybrid buses in its 706-vehicle fleet to about 250.
Resident5s complain that buses idle continuously at the yard, that loudspeakers blare through the night and that diesel fuel runoff from buses gets into their yards.Resident could face a long struggle. He makes a good case, though he makes it sound a bit more simple and cost-free than it actually would be.Such a move would involve a renegotiation of the contract with the provider at a higher rate to compensate for the added time and distance. It does not factor delays experienced by riders when an individual bus is removed from a route for mechanical or other issues. It is patiently trudging through the decades-long process required to build each additional metro line. Social Security Administration overseeing development of policy for the federal entitlement programs as branch chief for representation, appeals, and due process rights.
It seems surprisingly yet impressively high and the kind of thing that should be leveraged in tailoring a system to help continue to make owning no cars viable, if not preferable. The SHA urges travelers to consider postponing westwatrd trips to let crews plow and treat roads.Buck said conditions are deceptively ordinary as far west as Cumberland but deteriorate rapidly in the higher elevations closer to the Garrett County line. The MTA saiid buses and trains will keep to their normal weekday schedules as long as it can. Generally, these heaps are more of an inconvenience and an aesthetic blight than an impediment to traffic. The left lane of the Outer Loop remains closed, as it is expected to remain until about March 28.
John Undeland, a spokesman for the bridge project, said authorities will evaluate the results and hope to make them public this spring. For Cheatham,now president of the Baltimore chapter of the National Action Network, the No. The Green Route does not connect directly with the north-south Purple Route, which serves the Charles-St.
The cold also causes certain users to ride who either are homeless or close to it, I wouldn't be surprised if they ride most of the day. It said the survey so far shows the highest level of satisfaction on Routes 1, 46, 22 and 91.
That represents a slowing of the rate of growth in recent years, but not the reversal many customers predicted. For the city, it ties in with the Dixon administration's plans to reclaim the area just west of downtown that has been scarred by the Highway to Nowhere -- an unfinished section of what was to be ann extension of Interstate 70 into the city.
At the same time, it makes economic sense for the authority to bid them farewell because they've been costing the state money. Southbound traffic on the Key Bridge is being turned around at the toll plaza, and no tolls are being charged, Moss said. And that could be made up if gas prices continue to fall throughout the week and lots of folks decide to hit the road at the last minute. I can assure you that it is hard to find a Canton resident that is for the surface rail on Boston Street. Last year's column gave due credit to Bereano for beating the rap on many of those tickets.
The posted speed limits are, however, generally 15 to 20 miles per hour lower than the speed that a road can be safely driven on. Weeks was good enough to share his concerns with Getting There: I am a daily #27 bus rider. He said 15 people aboard the bus reported injuries and were taken to a local hospital, while the driver and two passengers were transported to the Maryland Shock-Trauma Center. The MTA is in the process of converting from an all-diesel fleet to an all-hybrid fleet.According to the MTA, piggybacking on an existing order by another transit agency will save the agency both on the purchase price and the delivery time.
Even if the MTA were to decide it wanted a new yard, it might take years for it to rise to the top of the state's transportation priority list. We are also proud of the fact that the MTA moves over 350,000 people every day with the majority arriving at their destinations on time. It's doubtful the MTA would undertake that unless there were evidence it would bring increased ridership. Along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, for instance, the same company that runs the Maryland and Chesapeake houses is pouring $100 million into a comprehensive rebuilding of 18 travel plazas over the next five years.
But while Baltimore waits for its metro system, it did something that most other American cities have not. Previously, he served at the Departments of Housing and Urban Development and Homeland Security. One would wonder if the city could attack the same problem at the opposite end to tweak zoning ordinances and create incentives to encourage a migration of buildable density from sprawling suburbs to inside the urban core.
It noted that buses and and Mobility van and cab services depend on the conditions of the roadways, warning that some diversions and delays are possible as the snow accumulates. But the city has allowed some to linger in the travel lanes -- putting the squeeze on traffic. The Maryland Transit Administration doesn't own the 8,000-some bus stops in the region, and the city doesn't have the resources to clear them all. I figured with two weekends - one a three-day weekend - since the snow stopped, they'd have plowed it by now.
MDTA and City officials also met this morning to identify additional areas where MDTA crews could assist with snow clean-up, including portions of Key Highway, Caton Avenue, Eastern Avenue and Hanover Street.Thanks to you and Mr. Brown said there had been a flurry of about 11,000 cancellations over the past two weeks after notices went out in the mail about the monthly fee and a new $21 charge for new or replacement transponders. The authority suggested that motorists use southbound I-95, the Fort McHenry Tunnel, or southbound I-895, the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, as alternate routes. I have walked the streets blocks away from Boston Street - Elliott, Streeper, Curley, Potomac, Robinson, Kenwood, just to name a few - and spoken with many, many residents about what the MTA and City are attempting to do.
And even when he did pay a fine, he often caught breaks from judges.A little more than a year later, neither sanctions nor leniency appear to have influenced Bereano's driving habits.
Here, for those who are interested, is last  year's column about Bereano's daredevil driving. In case your forgot, while you are spending so much time on this issue, there is a driver out who isn’t speeding but is reckless and will probably kill someone. My most frequent commute takes me from 35th and Chestnut to around Lexington Market, and reverse home in the evening.
One of those taken to Shock-Trauma was ejected from the car, the MTA spokesman said.Wesley said he did not know yet the total number of people on the bus.
The MTA said Metro subway and light rail crews will continuously monitor the condition of tracks and overhead wires.
There were several along Cold Spring Lane near Morgan State this evening narrowing what should be two travel lanes of a major road down to one.

They are often the way for an individual senator to get a department's undivided attention regarding a constituent complaint or other issue. Meanwhile , Chopper said, service on the Circulator's Orange Route has been delayed by the  Baltimore Street fire.
You should get to an authority office ASAP and consolidate transponders onto a single account. So far this year, he's collected two speeding tickets and one for driving without a seatbelt. The MTA contends that while the hybrid vehicles cost more up front, the state saves money in the long term because of their superior fuel economy and lower maintenance costs. Mahmoud experiences a service delay we understand his frustration, and seek to resolve performance issues to the best of our ability.
Just to hold itself over.Baltimore has endured an up-and-down relationship with public transportation over its nearly 300-year history. The agency said that during the storm it would operate empty trains to keep the tracks and wires clear. Authority officials said they proposed the revenue package to raise $60 million to fill a budget gap left by a decline in toll collections. Many posted comments on a Sun blog saying they would cancel their Maryland E-ZPasses and look for a better deal from another state.
The PR firm retained to work against the Canton community position, is canvassing the neighborhood and providing false information while misrepresenting their association. Court records show Bereano pleaded guilty June 11 to an April 3 speeding violation in which he was clocked at 70 in a 50-mph zone in Queen Anne's County. Because of his active involvement with our social media team we were aware of the issues raised in your column.We have been able to document many of the problems he cited through monitoring of the line with our Service Quality team and that monitoring will continue until we are satisfied with the routes performance.
MTA spokesman John Wesley said the 57 new buses would likely go into service in early 2012. We also thank your readers for their patience as clean-up from these historic storms continues.
This is ok but often you need change to another bus because they tend to get to close in time to each other. The officials said they decided to impose the fee in order recover a portion of the cost of keeping an account open and billing customers. Authority spokeswoman Kelly Melhem said traffic was high on the agency’s Web site and customer call center but that there were no long lines at its walk-in centers at toll facilities.
However, I have encountered no-show buses at almost every time of the day on various days trying to ride this line.In addition to the no-show buses, I would estimate that only one bus I ride per week southbound is on time. In 1830, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad began operation as the first passenger rail line in the United States. They also will sometimes sit for 5-10 minutes to allow the bus ahead of them to space itself.
In addition, you conveniently left out the fact that there are numerous alternative plans for the Red Line. This time he was charged with going 88 mph in a 65-mph zone of Interstate 97 in Anne Arundel County. Several decades later, the first American electric streetcar line began operation in Baltimore in 1885.By the late 1920s, private companies had laid over 400 miles of streetcar tracks that crisscrossed the city to form a system that was among the most extensive in the world. Most of the lawn chairs and orange cones marking staked-out parking spaces have been removed, though there are still folks out there pushing their claim long after any legitimacy has expired. Of course, if you don't really know of anyone who lives a block from Boston Street and supports the Red Line, maybe you should correct the record. I have asked our Service Quality Division to investigate his latest issue with MTA Local Bus Service. With cell phones now ubiquitous, what was once a second-floor bank of pay phones has been turned into a conference room. Were it still in existence today, it would continue to be one of the most comprehensive public transportation networks anywhere.But as quickly as it was built, the Baltimore streetcar system disappeared. The new route is expected to run from the Inner Harbor to the fort along Fort Avenue on a year-round basis.
Anne Arundel District Couty judges are notorious cream puffs when it comes to Bereano -- having twice before overlooked his driving record and given him probation before judgment on speeding violations. A variety of factors contributed to its demise, and in November 1963 the last two streetcar lines – the numbers 8 and 15 – made their final runs.The only remaining streetcars in Baltimore can be found at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum. The grant will be used over three years and will cover 65 percent of the route's cost.The West Baltimore project will reconfigure the five-lane Fulton bridge to integrate it with a pedestrian-bicycle network and to add landscaping and storm water management improvements.
If a governor or legislature started to monkey with the actions of an independent board to score political points, the bond rating agencies could decide a downgrade was in order.
Apparently the section of the JFX that runs behind the Sun building just to the north of Pleasant Street also becomes the site of motorcycle races on Saturday and Sunday evenings.Cracking down on these racers is no easy task. Kittleman, executive secretary of the transportation authority, said the building is too small to handle its traffic load and has become prohibitively expensive to maintain. The increased cost of the authority's borrowing could set back its maintenance efforts for years.AAA is usually a trusted source of information and a responsible advocate on behalf of motorists.
Some rights reserved.)For the twenty years that followed, there was no intra-city rail transit in Baltimore. I live in a community with 67 homes and you can be rest assured that NO ONE in my community wants this above ground on Boston St. It was not until 1983 that the Maryland Transit Administration opened the metro subway, a heavy rail line that now stretches 15 miles with 14 stations.Since then, the region has built three light rail lines that connect the northern and southern suburbs with downtown.
Here's a challenge for the city police: Devise an execute a strategy for catching these racers and containing them.
Just last week in Dorchester County, he was found guilty of going 73 in a 55-mph zone in January. An east-west light rail line is set to break ground next year.The system, though, is largely disjointed, both physically and psychologically. While about  19,000 subscribers have dropped their accounts, about 27,000 people have opened new accounts.
I have talked with Canton residents -- none on Boston Street -- who have no problems with a surface Red Line. He received that speeding ticket six days after getting another one in Queen Anne's County, for which he got a PBJ. Isn't it about time the Eastern Shore delegation to the General Assembly staged an intervention? The heavy rail and light rail lines do not have a true connection.Consequently, residents mostly view the two, not as components of a single system, but as two independent options that are rarely combined to form a single trip. Riders may take the subway or the light rail, but rarely will they ever transfer between the two. The dark tile floor rumbles every time a worker pushes a cart across it to resupply the restaurants, which lack a rear service entrance. In conversation, morning commute reports on the radio, and even on the MTA’s own website, they’re spoken about as entirely separate.As a result, the city’s bus system is left to serve the majority of the region. Car traffic may be the devil we know, but it's a mean old devil -- and getting bigger all the time. It's not enough for residents of these communities to show that a surface Red Line wiill be bad for their neighborhoods or themselves personally.
It’s relatively reliable, frequent, affordable, and comprehensive.Nearly a third of Baltimoreans live car-free and the bus system offers them the freedom of mobility that they need. They need to show it will be worse for the entire region than the consequences of doing nothing. Our history goes back to my days covering Annapolis, when he was unhappy with my reporting on his lobbying activities.
Those long routes make buses vulnerable to delays that get them off schedule.Serving the Baltimore area with just one transit mode presents a challenge.
Despite having one of the largest and most densely populated urban cores in the country, Baltimore is also home to suburbs that sprawl for miles outside the city.Working to serve the full metro area stretches the system thin, decreasing frequency and increasing travel times.
Despite inadequate funding from the state, the bus system works as well as can be expected for those traveling from the suburbs into downtown.
But for those traveling within the city center, it can often be more efficient to walk than to wait for a bus that’s running delayed.To remedy this problem, the City of Baltimore implemented the Charm City Circulator. Bereano has received 18 speeding citations in the state since 1996, the earliest year for which computerized records are available. Opening in 2010 and expanded under the watch of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the system now consists of seven connecting routes – four bus routes and three water taxi routes – that operate exclusively in Baltimore’s urban core.While the four bus routes operate in traffic just like regular MTA buses, their short routes, which cover just a few miles at most, make them much less likely to stray off schedule. The circulator connects the city’s business districts, many of its cultural attractions, five of the city’s colleges, and its two intercity rail stations.Other cities have made similar efforts, but none have achieved quite what Baltimore has. In neighboring Washington, DC, the routes work more as a complement to the existing metro, filling in gaps in the system.In Miami, an impressive “trolley” bus system has been implemented following the success of Baltimore’s circulator. It lacks the capacity of larger systems; ridership is about 12,000 passengers per day, which puts it on par with Portland’s famed streetcar – but is still significantly lower than Baltimore’s other transit options. It has not yet proven to have the same placemaking and economic development benefits of rail.But what the circulator offers is an intermediate transit solution.
While Baltimore, like other American cities, awaits funding for a more robust transit system, the circulator offers an efficient, low-cost option that does a really good job of connecting inner city neighborhoods where no such option existed previously.It demonstrates that while some transit plans take decades to implement, others only need a couple of years. And it offers a lesson that the way we plan travel within the city is not necessarily how we should plan travel around the city.The future of transit in a city like Baltimore is never certain, and the circulator is no outlier.
In the near term, it will likely remain in its current form, offering basic service to downtown residents and visitors at relatively little cost to the city.Before even its first run, city visionaries have suggested that it may serve as a foundation for a streetcar revival, with the bus routes eventually being converted to rail lines. It would also spur economic development that has eluded the circulator thus far but that has been shown to accompany streetcar lines. And tt would be a nice tip of the hat to city’s streetcar heritage.In the long term, the circulator may no longer be necessary, having been replaced by expansions to Baltimore’s high-capacity rapid transit system.
It may morph to resemble DC’s system more closely, filling in the gaps of a robust rapid transit backbone.A Purple Route bus outside of Baltimore's Penn Station.
Some rights reserved.)The real charm of the circulator is not in its future but in its present.
It’s a custom passed from generation to generation simply because that is how long it takes to make transit a reality in the United States.While not a perfect substitute for rapid transit, the Charm City Circulator offers an intermediate solution for connecting Baltimore’s urban core. It requires no right-of-way and no additional station infrastructure beyond existing bus stops. One of its primary conveniences – its real-time tracking system – utilizes an app that is now standard in transit systems around the world.Unlike the transportation achievements of early Baltimore, there is very little about the circulator that is groundbreaking or mind-blowing.
What is noteworthy about Baltimore’s circulator is the way that existing technologies and ideas converged to offer a practical solution to an enduring problem.It is an innovation of public administration more than it is a tech one.
But it may prove just as easily exported to other cities facing the same challenges, of which there are many. In a country screaming for more transit, Baltimore’s Charm City Circulator shows us what the first step forward looks like.

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