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Public transportation is used by number of people everyday and managing such services is huge task. A Good Transit System Helps Encourages People to Leave their Vehicles at Home and Help out our Environment. A Good Transit System Helps Encourage People to take Public Transit to go Shopping, Helps Increase Sale Tax. I enjoy taking the Regular Fixed Route Bus System, its gives me more independence, I make New Friends. To provide better and better transportation service government have to plan and spend money on it.

It was made clear to me yesterday that service cuts and fare increases have been the norm rather than the exception. I'm an organizer in Cleveland, and a carless citizen who relies on my bike and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority to commute. I am Paratransit approved I only need Paratransit once in a while, I want Affordable for the Individuals that really need it all the time, they also have Right Too. But it was also made clear to me that things would have been much worse without our Recovery Act efforts.
Now, in February 2009, Congress passed the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Your initiative to allow funds to move from Capital Projects to Operating Needs is laudable, but when can this happen? And Regional Transit in Sacramento is saying there will be big and deep cuts to its fixed route service.

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