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To continue the transportation theme for today, as we had the new trains, now something that was planned to be built 30 years ago, back in 1970s. The project was pretty fast approved by Soviet government because of its cheap cost if compared to conventional rail roads - no need to prepare Earth surface - just put some polls and you are ready to go. As always, it started with just sketches on paper, made in the manner it looked to be contemporary in 1970s. I’m not that great of a reader to be honest but your blogs pretty nice, keep it up as I will bookmark ready for my next read.
Freight on Rail recognises that road and rail complement each other but large quantities of long distance freight can be more sustainably and more safely carried by rail than in even larger lorries, 25 metres long and 60 tonnes in weight. The proponents’ case is predicated on mega trucks, which would be fifty per cent longer and a third heavier than existing trucks, delivering a significant reduction in vehicle kilometres.
The case for longer lorries relies on the same questionable presumption used in the past to justify each increase in lorry dimensions, that there would be fewer but bigger trucks on the roads.
If Europe were to give the go-ahead for cross border traffic these mega trucks would go to member states by default over time. The European Commission's own research in Jan 2009 stated that mega trucks are individually more dangerous than standard HGVs. Rail freight is safer than long-distance road freight using major roads, as HGVs are over 3 times more likely to be involved in fatal accidents than cars due to a combination of size, lack of proper enforcement of drivers hours, vehicle overloading and differing foreign operating standards.

In the UK over 82% of HGVs exceeded their speed limit of 50 mph on dual carriageways and almost 75% exceeded the 40 mph limit on single carriageway non-built up roads.
It was called the "super string transportation system" and was claimed to come to replace the existing rail road technologies. It certainly does have the ability to carry freight and is being offered to the Australian Mining Industry as a cost effective alternative to trucks and or railroad. The assumptions for safety and environmental improvement depend entirely on the prediction of a dramatic reduction in vehicles kilometres on the premise that 2 mega trucks would replace 3 HGVs. In practice however, since the previous increases in dimensions there is no direct evidence of larger or heavier lorries leading to improvements in average payloads or a reduction in empty running. In the UK mega trucks would destroy the entire intermodal rail market (ie containers) and 50% of bulk traffic forcing the traffic back onto congested roads  EU research admits that mega trucks would have a detrimental effect on rail freight. Trying to restrict mega trucks to dual-carriageways and motorways will not work -The promoters are claiming that these vehicles will be restricted to motorways, dual carriageways and major roads. HGVs are up to 160,000 times more damaging to road surfaces than the average car; some of the heaviest road repair costs are therefore almost exclusively attributable to the heaviest vehicles. However, their calculations ignore the dynamic effects in terms of distorting the intermodal competition which would would significantly increase the demand for road freight and undermine sustainable alternatives. There is a conflict here between manoeuvrability needed in urban areas with this loss of stability at cruising speeds.

Taxpayers would have to pay millions for adaptation and maintenance of the road network up front. They are also derived from very high levels of load utilisation – in excess of that routinely achieved within the haulage sector. Dutch trials stated that mega trucks should only be allowed on roads with separate infrastructure for bikes which does not exist in UK and most member states.
The Austrian Government estimates that it would cost over £5bn to adapt infrastructure in Austria. So until there is a rational basis for all existing HGVs to be used more efficiently it is questionable how assumptions can be made that mega trucks will have higher utilisation than existing HGVs.
Currently one in four lorries are completely empty in the UK and almost 50% of lorries are neither constrained by volume or weight, ie partially loaded.

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