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The operation is based on the correction of the signals coming from the engine control unit towards the injection system, finally giving you the choice to make the appropriate adjustments in total safety and in a completely autonomous way.
The additional module can be removed anytime just as easily, to bring your vehicle back to the factory standards. The extreme-box is an additional control box, digital with an integrated 64-bit microchip capable of handling two separate delivery channels. ECO: The eco channel is dedicated to all those who want a great fuel consumption reduction up to 22% and at the same time a remarkable  increase in torque and power.
HARD: The hard channel is dedicated to all those who are looking for a car with a more responsive acceleration and  in some cases it gets rid of the power vacuum below 2000rpm of about 70%.
As many as 22 maps of power delivery subdivided by the intensity simply and quickly selectable via the selector situated inside the control unit without the need of complex software or PC programming.
The extreme-box is equipped with an intelligent auto-learning system and if it is installed incorrectly, it goes into protection.

If the unit should have a malfunction no problem, our intelligent system bypasses it and returns the car to its original state so you are never left stranded. In addition to the Extreme-box control box you can further increase the performances of your car by installing also the DB-BOX (to better manage the air intake and to make the engine “breathe” better) or the TURBO-BOX (to maximize the torque and get rid of 50% of the power void below 2000 rpm).
Your satisfaction is our satisfaction if you are not satisfied with the product we will refund the entire amount of money spent. Now, thanks to Extreme-Box, you can have a greater torque for an improved traction power, more horsepower for better performances and greater fuel consumption reduction!
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Since the additional unit works perfect together with the engine control unit all the original safety functions of the engine are kept.
You will instantly notice the difference as soon as this additional control box is plugged in: your vehicle will accelerate faster, you will need to change down less often - the greater response and your driving experience will be significantly better. It offers an increased torque and power that can get up to 35% with a fuel consumption reduction up to 18%.

Maximum signal processing speed thanks to the new built-in last generation processor you will have no conflict with the most advanced electronics. The unit is designed to provide optimal performances and a greater reduction of fuel consumption, as well as to be easily customized for better performances, if necessary. The installation is clean and extremely simple for everyone (in  5 minutes) thanks to the detailed instructions and the tech support. The control box once removed leaves no trace and it's not going to be detected by self-diagnostic systems.

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