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FAILED JOINT -- This joint failed under the weight of a passing train moving at walking speed. ENSCO's TrackIT® Data Management System addresses the challenges of determining where to focus inspections, how to plan for maintenance, and how to ensure the effectiveness of these decisions. TrackIT integrates common railroad data, such as track geometry and rail wear defect rates, track quality index, tonnage, track speed, curvature, infrastructure and program maintenance history, into consolidated graphical and reporting views with an intuitive interface that requires minimal end-user training. The passenger car is US DOT FRA Test Car T-6 (DOTX 206), which was converted from a US Army hospital car built by St. This example is the last shield of the LIRR under their original charter (LIRR not MTA) and is a complete "Custom Die" and is a one piece shield hallmarked by United Insignia. 27 (Montuak Hwy), the gravesite having been diminished by development on the Long Island Railroad. He died on March 7, 1812, at the age of 55 and was buried in an old Indian cemetery about a half mile east of Hampton Bays railroad station, which was at an early period the site of an Indian church belonging to the Shinnecock tribe. Cuffee was the second of seven sons of Peter Cuffee, a native Indian of the Shinnecock tribe, and grandson, on his mothers side, of the Rev. According to Prime's history he was converted to be Christian religion when he was about 21 and turned his attention to preaching although his education was very limited.
Soon after reaching maturity, he moved to Moriches and then to Poosepatuck where in 1790, he was "ordained to the work of the ministry by a council of ministers from the Connecticut Convention." He later moved to Canoe Place, (now Hampton Bays) where he lived until his death. In 1798, he received a commission from the "New York Missionary Society" to work with the Long Island Indians, and for the rest of his life he worked and preached among them his principal field was Montauk and Canoe Place, although he sometimes visited Poosepatuck and Islip, where there were a few scattered members of the native tribes.
He was a very popular preacher, and was endowed with a charming voice, a retentive memory and a very graceful manner, and was universally loved and respected.
Churches and ministers of other denominations welcomed him to their pulpits and welcomed opportunities to listen to his preaching.
Prime says of him" "Having enjoyed a personal acquaintance with Paul Cuffee for several years and having had the privilege of hearing him preach, the writer can bear witness that he was an interesting and affecting preacher.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of living in the Black Hills is that we get to see lots of unusual vehicles.
Nearly a dozen of these took to the tracks for seven runs over a three day period.  These cars are now obsolete on rail roads because nowadays track inspection is done from specially equipped pick-up trucks. RailWorks worked with Amberg Technologies to help improve its track surveying tool report formatting for RailWorks' New York City Transit (NYCT) Authority jobs. RailWorks Transit’s requested changes to a track surveying tool were so right for the New York City Transit (NYCT) Authority that NYCT now requires other contractors to use the same modifications.At issue was the fact that the reporting format used by the Amberg Trolley, a highly specialized mobile track measurement tool, didn’t match the reporting produced by the NYCT track geometry car. TrackIT addresses these issues with a simple to use, low-cost solution that provides senior railroad management, engineering and maintenance-of-way personnel with a window into the condition, infrastructure and planning that takes place on a railroad. The resulting product provides a means to rapidly access inspection data, brush charts, track charts, maps, reports and multi-media information, such as photos of the right of way or track roadbed. ENSCO maintains a staff of software, industry and IT experts to support and provide consulting expertise on this system. LIRR #421 paint scheme indicates it is about the time LIRR sold 3 wood hacks (12, 14, and 29) to Seashore Trolley museum in Maine and a trolley museum in Connecticut.
The set has two parts, the first 130 cards being about trains, and the second 70 cards being about ships. Here a simple marble slab was erected to his memory by the New York Missionary Society, which carried the following inscription. By what authority is not known, though possibly it was through the influence of the Wading River church, of which he was a member.
Crowds came to hear him, and it is doubtful of any minister of those days could have commanded larger or more attentive congregations. Though he aimed at no elegance of diction and frequently committed grammatical mistakes, these were soon lost sight in the ardor of his piety and the pathos of his appeals.
This is a group of track inspection cars that took over the 1880 Train Tracks in Keystone in September 2014.

And these track inspection cars that took over 1880 Train tracks in Keystone in September are some of our favorites. As RailWorks Transit Track Superintendent Luis Nieves explains, RailWorks Transit’s Track group had the challenge of reviewing the “apples” report generated from the Amberg device and making track modifications that it hoped would meet the specifications shown in the “oranges” report produced by the NYCT geometry car.
This solution significantly reduces the time and labor required to access information commonly used to plan inspections and maintenance, investigate track-related accidents, and generate reports or data exports that can be taken into the field. These inspection vehicles are now obsolete on railroads because track inspection duties are now done from specially equipped pick-up trucks. A shield issued in the 1960's could have survived well into the time period that the LIRR standardized their Patrolman, Detective, and Sergeant shields. His mother was said to have been a very religious woman and for many years was a member of the Indian church at Wading River.
We’d order the car, it would run through the tracks, and it would show us where there was a deficiency. At an early age he was bound out to major Frederick Hudson a farmer of Wading River with whom he lived and worked until he was 21 years of age. NYCT liked the results so well that began requiring the Amberg Trolley and the RailWorks-inspired report format on all its track-related projects.RailWorks continues to work with Amberg Technologies to perfect the apples-to-apples reporting. Meanwhile, the technology shows promise for use on the Signals & Communications side of NYCT business. By taking the initiative, RailWorks demonstrated its leadership in the industry to drive quality improvements in standard NYCT operating practices.

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