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The Industrial Revolution TransportationOne major type of transportation that changed was waterway transportation.
Fernando Road designation was transfered one block west to Spruce Street and the Spruce Street name was eliminated (from street signs, not from angry residents' memories). At the end of the street, actually on the far side of 9th Street, facing down the middle of Railroad Avenue, is the Derrick Saloon. To the right of the tree is the old Hardison & Stewart building, which at this time might still have been used by the Pacific Coast Oil Co. At some point around this time, the widow Frances Phillips purchased the building for a rooming house and cafe.

Before the West Side Improvement Project created the High Line, trains ran down Tenth and Eleventh Avenue.
Canals were dug deeper and wider so that big ships could export and import good more easily.Railways were also a mjor change in transportation. We still need to sort out who owned what back there, but there were a number of warehouse-type buildings jammed into the area that is roughly Railroad Avenue and Lyons today. The rail roads spread news and goods faster and cheaper then any other way of transportationThe other major change in transportation was the roads.
A flagman, or West Side Cowboy, should be preceding the train, but in this shot is out of the frame.

Kern was a packing, wholesale, and retail distributor of pork and beef products, which was bought by Adolf Gobel, Inc., in 1927 for $10 million.

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