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Great article but also frustrating .The downloadable doors were useful thanks but as I live in the UK I cannot go out and photo my own ideas .Could all the buildings be available for download somewhere please Lance ? Go to Google Earth, or Bing, and you can find images of thousands of buildings that could be captured off of the internet and photoshopped to produce whatever building you wish to produce. In addition to commercially available photo papers (which work nicely) an inexpensive alternative is card stock paper available in 250 sheet packages such as Wausau Paper's Exact Index 110lb No 49411 which I bought at Avery Paper. Kudos on demonstrating that scratchbuilding is within reach of anyone with a computer and a color printer. Does anyone have any experience with some archival clear coats, that might help to mitigate the fading issues?
I do offer however, that Dullcoat makes a very poor substitute for the purpose made protective sprays that are available from any good art store. I have used several different paper fixatives in the past and frankly they have all done a better job than Dullcoat. That's what model railroading is all about - live and learn, hopefully from others before you wander the path yourself!
Since I am not in a position to build a layout, I will keep this idea on file till I can get an opportunity to use it in the future. I have been building from paper using photo sheets and such but this article has given me some real food for thought!

Google Earth program should be of interest to anyone wanting to at least see what a building looks like- The program is free and is used to locate interchanges, on-off ramps, roundabouts and such. Rotate your view (like moving on the Google Earth map) and it is as if you were standing in the street next to the station. Resolution varies considerably and is seldom really good enough, but it is far better than nothing. Google Earth images are copyrighted and should not be used for any  commercial purposes. An easy way to get around the fading problem is to use a lazer printer which produces water proof and colourfast prints.
Click on it and begin to drag it towards the station- streets that have been photographed by Google appear in blue. And with even a reasonable image of a particular door or window, you might be able to get a better image from another structure, but at least you have a good idea of what everything looks like. This method described is a poor second, but it usually works, costs nothing and won't take long to become proficient.
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Most copy centres use lazer printers that can take computer files and will produce an A3 print for just a few cents.

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). I did have a healthy supply of Dullcoat at hand and being too impatient to await the opening of my local art supply store the next morning, I reached for the Dullcoat. At least you can see what kind of door is there so you can get it off a different structure. The building is simple to download, print and then construct… and it looks amazing when built. Click on one edge of the roof and drag across to the other for a numerical readout that is pretty accurate. There is no catch with downloading it (none of the usual forms to fill in or anything like that).
Watch the video now.Railroad Technology Breakthroughs Learn how to use micro controls to add life, interest, new features, and efficiency to your railroad.

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