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Marty, I have never heard of "ceder wraps" for putting around fish, I might have to make some inquiries at the local grocery store.Bob, I have made ceder shingles from the ceder veneer sold by Sierra Scale Models and was very happy with the results. I use the thinnest stripwood I can buy in the width I want.I run a wire brush down the length for texture and stain them. Somewhere, some time ago, there was a thread about this topic on a board that I happened to see. I included a timesaver in my current plan, gives me a place to do some switching when I'm in that kind of mood, plus the dense trackage has space for a bunch of small industries.Now I just gotta start BUILDING! I've been intrigued for many years by the Timesaver plan, but I've never tried to incorporate it into any of my layouts. John,I have always preach against the Time Saver and any other type of "switching puzzle" designs as well as switchbacks that involves moving cars from one industry in order to switch the another industry and have preach more toward prototype track arrangements for industrial areas on layouts and industrial switching layout designs.This makes smooth hassle free switching possible and of course stays prototypical in design and operation. GuysJohns concept of the time saver, was not to incorporate it into his layout, but as a game of skill.
I think John Allen used an ordinary stop watch and he used the timesaver for timed contests. That is one of the reasons I preach against the time saver being incorporated into a layout.It is after all a switching puzzle.

However, they're too thick to use for modeling shingles - unless they were resawn on a bandsaw and shaved to scale size. They consist of packages of ten orso sheets of up to nine by twelve inch sheets.I believe they come in smaller sizes like 6"x6".
I have an a little real estate left on my layout and was pondering putting the original timesaver into it. With an integrated time saver, you don't really see it as a time saver layout but just another portion of your regular layout, one that will fit in to your theme and operations. There is an extra track that I added for regular use but when I play the "Timesaver Game" I block it off with some ties that have just happened to have fallen onto the track.
All go for fifteen bucks or less, dependingupon where sourced.They are the real deal and more useful than any other source of shingles. Several years ago, I bought a roll of veneer strip that I wanted to use for homemade shingles. Cedar, by the way is a lousy material for wrappingfood, even if you like the flavor imparted ( although, thatwould have to be what is called A REAL ACQUIRED TASTE)- not withstanding. A couple of interesting ones were published in MR this past year, and a completed timesaver module with industries and scenery was the subject of an article in MRP about 3-4 years ago.

The reason cedar resists insects and other wood consuming organisms, is the poisonous resins it contains.
There's one turnout at the rear that connects to the game that isn't used for the game that uses a machine.
I have used the oak veneer sheets,and the alder ones, because of the clear grain andstrength of the latter cut into scale siding andshiplap. Very good stuff, and cheaper than I can buy this stufffrom CONSTANTINE or marine model suppliers. I've since added several buildings.I just updated the picture to show which portions of the track are the timesaver and it is flipped from the original. This isespecially true for the cherry, and some other woodsthat are made as food wraps.I don't have use for some of those, and I can't figureout how any one would want walnut, or cedar scorchedwood essence imparted to their food.
It not onlyflings sparks all over the place, as the pockets ofresin heat and burst in a fire, it can turn baconand other food cooked over it into a sharp flavoredundesirable tasting material.

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