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We are so excited that one of our favorite weddings was featured on the blog Refinery29 yesterday! Heidie and Jacob’s vintage Roundhouse wedding was recently featured on Style Me Pretty Georgia! When it came to my bouquet and the boutonnieres, our florist helped us pick out perfect combinations.
Here is a snippet from Everything Lovely Photography… Kristin is an architect, so Savannah was the perfect place for their wedding. The Mojave and Indio engine houses basically had the same design but there were differences. Be aware that Mojave wasn't built exactly as the plans in "Southern Pacific Lines Common Standard Plans, Vol. Though shorter than the Port Costa, Hornbrook and Colton roundhouses, the majority of the wooden roundhouses the SP erected in the 1870s had similar architectural features to them - mainly, the four tall, narrow windows each three panes wide on the end walls and one similar window at the back of each stall.
Several pictures of the Taylor house and the old Colton house show a pyramid shaped triangular cross-section structure where smoke jacks would normally be mounted.
The smoke outlets did vary from place to place (possibly era to era), so that might be left to the modeler, and the presence or absence of doors also varied, doubtless with climate. SP got C oil to the large oil storage tanks at the roundhouse from tank cars, or a pipe line from an oil refinery.
It's evident in numerous photos that the front panels of the vents were comprised of a light-colored corrugated material. Photos indicate that buildings that were painted mineral red with black trim usually had white window sashes, not black. There are a lot more color photos in publications that show shop buildings painted mineral red with black trim than of shop buildings painted black with mineral red trim. Note the panels on the roof of the roundhouse above the back of each stall in the photo on pg.
Photographs of San Jose, Tracy and Bakersfield roundhouses (for example, two Tracy photos on p. The roof vents of the Indio roundhouse appear to be similar to one seen in the right side of the photo on pg. The roof vents on the Mojave engine house were 42 inches long, 26 inches wide and 4 feet high. The one was built in 1914 had a stall length of 121 feet, nine stalls and accommodated cab-aheads. Regarding the clerestory on the roundhouse roof, the arrangement of such in the northeast quadrant of the roundhouse was rather unusual. The roundhouse, turntable and coal arrangements were 4 to 5 feet lower than the rest of the yard.
The wooden end wall of the SLO roundhouse was painted mineral red, the standard color used on SP's wooden shop buildings. The photographers, Smitten & Hooked, did a great job capturing the rustic style of the museum. Since we were getting married in Savannah, I knew I wanted to incorporate cotton and wheat to give a great Southern feel. We are delighted to share with you this wedding filled with lovely yellows, whites and greens that took place at the rustic Roundhouse Railroad Museum in Savannah.

These were on a number of roundhouses across the system, instead of individual smoke jacks on each stall. There were cases with pipeline delivery (Taylor) and with tank car delivery (Dunsmuir, San Luis Obispo). State RR Museum Library has plans for fuel oil plants at Gerber plus many locations on the Coast Division. Photos show that the triangular-shaped vents on the Gerber engine house were just like the ones on the Bakersfield, Brooklyn, Colton, Sacramento, Taylor and Tucson roundhouses (and probably numerous other ones on the SP). In contrast, shop buildings with a body color of mineral red were widely found on the SP, including the locations of Colton, Mojave, Bakersfield, Fresno, Tracy, West Oakland, San Jose, Port Costa, Roseburg and Eugene (Roseburg had a roundhouse with corrugated steel walls painted mineral red). It was actually opened sometime between 1937 and 1944 when a second lead was added through what had been stall 8, joining an existing lead through stall 9. The roundhouse structure for those stalls was eventually removed, however, leaving just their tracks in place (this probably happened between 1954 and 1956).
Good views of similar vents on the can be found in the article about that roundhouse in the Summer 2003 SP Trainline (issue No. A photo showing the original configuration of the north windows can be found on the bottom of pg.
25, 1887 Ashland Tidings reported that erection of a roundhouse at Hornbrook was to commence shortly). Page 14 of the Winter 2010 SP Trainline has a photo that shows how the Bakersfield vents were fastened to the roundhouse roof. Indio appears a bit different though with the supports for the caps apparently flaring out. There is no discernible green paint on the walls in the 1982 photo of the interior of the San Jose roundhouse found on pg.
Trolley & Railroad Corporation, the group that dismantled that roundhouse in hopes of rebuilding it someday for a railroad display. Thanks to Alysse at Morgan Gallo Events for coordinating the event, and to Smitten & Hooked for the beautiful photos!
Mojave never had a row of glass windows starting about 19 feet above the ground; wood louvers were used instead for that row. 5," there were only three wooden roundhouses on the Pacific lines that had stall lengths close to or at 72 feet - those at Port Costa, Hornbrook and Colton. It was emptied out the bottom into a trough between the rails and then pumped into storage tanks.
The preceding discussion pertains to roundhouses and shop buildings that had walls of wood or corrugated steel.
The back wall is higher than the back walls on the similar San Jose, Tracy and Bakersfield roundhouses.
The seven stall tracks lasted until late 1956 or early 1957, replaced by leads going to a new diesel servicing facility. At Colton, the windows on the north and south end walls were originally like those of Port Costa and Hornbrook. Copies can be ordered (it is often advisable to get as many different station plans for a location as possible.
Each vent base appears to have had small, triangular-shaped metal braces sloping about 45 degrees, three braces on each of the flat sides and one brace at each of the half-round ends.

There were no small triangular braces at the base of the vents like Bakersfield had but rather collars at the bases. The roundhouse data in the Common Standard Plans book indicates that the Port Costa and Colton roundhouses were built in 1901 and 1904 respectively.
The Banta Modelworks' model of the Port Costa roundhouse on its website has just three windows on the right end wall. 2 at Roseville apparently had the triangular-shaped vents that were used on numerous SP roundhouses, including Bakersfield and Taylor Yard. 1906 Roseville: 85 foot standard roundhouse, part elevation and part framing of end wall, section and details of windows. The San Luis Obispo roundhouse had three windows on the other brick end wall and one window at the back of each stall.
The two large vertical framing members on the window plus the horizontal framing member across the middle were probably painted black, standard SP practice.
Usually the bottom outlet of the car was connected to an unloading hose, but the sump method was used in a few places.
Also, the tops of the two end walls not only are different from the other roundhouses mentioned, but are higher also (a high end wall can be seen in the photo on the bottom of pg. The second lead was added due to wartime demands (for a 1937 aerial view of the Bakersfield roundhouse showing its original fully-enclosed configuration with just one lead running through the back wall, see pg. Photos indicate that these roundhouses had the basic design featuring four tall, narrow windows each three panes wide on the roundhouse end walls and one similar window at the back of each of the stalls.
2, 1955 Station map, Colton : lands, tracks and structures, from station 4159 to station 4214.
The main difference between the Indio vents and the Roseville vent is that the latter is taller. A photo showing such a vent on the Bakersfield roundhouse can be found about three-quarters way through Don Ball, Jr's. The windows along the back of the roundhouse would have been similar in configuration and colors. At some point, the Colton roundhouse was reduced in size from six to five stalls, the windows on the north wall were shortened as seen in photos in the article about the Colton roundhouse in the Summer 2003 SP Trainline. However, it appears that the front of the stalls of the SLO roundhouse had taller openings than Fresno.
The portion of the walls under the windows in the RMC photo has been painted white and there is a black stripe at the top of the white band.
45 of the Overland Route book that the front of the extension is higher than the roof line at the back of the regular part of the roundhouse. For some roundhouses, such as Bakersfield, both the inside and the outside of the buildings were painted this way.
To accommodate larger power such as GSs, the brickwork at the front of five stalls at SLO was knocked open.

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