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Cardinal Scale (USA) - Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company’s low-profile LPRA railroad track scales come with either electronic or hydraulic stainless steel load cells, up to 270-ton capacity, rugged steel weighbridges, Wi-Fi and mobile app options, NTEP and Measurement Canada legal-for-trade certification, and E-80 Cooper AREMA rating.
Mounted above ground in a shallow, concrete foundation, Cardinal’s LPRA rail scale is engineered to stabilize shifting ballast resulting in weight errors. For more information about the Low-Profile Railroad Track Scales from Cardinal Scale click here. Going Green is a big concept for many people at home but most do not think about it on the business level. The solar powered unattended weighing kiosk has brought a great revolution in unmanned truck scale efficiency and streamlined data integration. The customers are provided with a variety of components to choose from when purchasing the Kiosk. Another important feature of this kiosk is that it does not require the driver to get out of the truck while weighing.
As the electronics market expands exponentially, more and more efforts are made to prevent discarded electronics from ending up in landfills. In addition to simply monitoring the weight of a load, the waste and recycling industries rely on truck scale efficiency for personnel and vehicle safety, vehicle maintenance and regulation compliance. Mettler Toledo produces more than 5,000 vehicle scales and vehicle weighing systems worldwide each year. The company is one of only a few scale manufacturers that designs and manufactures its own vehicle weighing components, including load cells and terminals. Kyle Madsen, vehicle weighing specialist, said, “Our vehicle scales are frequently used in demanding, high-volume applications such as municipal waste and recycling, agriculture, chemical, mining and more. Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a global leader in the weighing industry with locations worldwide. Grell noted that the firm also offers price computing systems that print a legal-for-trade ticket showing the commodity, price per pound and final price. For over 30 years, Vulcan On-board Scales has designed and manufactured on-board weighing systems for many applications and industries.
He said there are a variety of benefits in implementing an on-board weighing system, but this depends on the user’s specific goals. Elefson added that by investing in an accurate and reliable on-board weighing system a user can maximize the load and vehicle uptime while minimizing liability and safety issues caused by overloading.
Twenty different standard models are available from Cardinal Scale in different lengths and capacities to accommodate any combination of car length, and custom applications and configurations are also readily available.

Installation is rapid, simple, and can be handled locally requiring usually only about two days. There are many business that are taking the bold step towards going green and we here at Carolina Scales would like to assist.
This includes the proximity badge reader (AWID and HID), high-speed thermal cutbar tape printer, rain hood and touch screen LCD. This reduces the risk of walking across lanes and platforms and also speeds up the weighing process. Vehicle weighing products include steel and concrete deck truck scales, rail scales, upgrade and conversion packages for existing scales, DataBridge™ vehicle-scale software, accessories and service for all makes and models of industrial weighing equipment. It also performs lifecycle testing on truck scales with a physical testing machine that loads scales one million times to ensure long-term performance. Heavy capacity Powercell® load cells withstand harsh environments from Death Valley, California, to Antarctica and are equipped with the lab-tested and certified StrikeShield™ lightning-protection system. A few years ago, Mettler Toledo pioneered the first load-cell system with no junction boxes. No other weighing equipment manufacturer has as many independent sales and service providers as we do.
The systems keep track of total transactions, inventory by commodity and individual transactions with export capability to a wide variety of accounting packages. Weighbridge sections arrived assembled, ready to set in, and load cell assemblies are easy to install.
The kiosk can be mounted on a pole or a wall, and the articulating arm is used to pull the kiosk towards the driver while weighing and retracted away when not used. For the purpose of seamless integration, the kiosk connected to the WinVRS (Vehicle Recording System) through Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet.
To ensure accuracy in business transactions involving material weight, Powercell load cells are also equipped with patented smart technology. Rice Lake offers a full line of light, medium and heavy capacity static and in-motion weighing systems as well as unique products including legal-for-trade lift truck scales and on-board scales that can turn virtually any commercial motor vehicle into a legal-for-trade scale. Some weighing equipment manufacturers offer proprietary products that can only be serviced by their own company service employees. For transfer applications we have a variety of scales depending on the suspension of the truck and trailer used, including 5th wheels, center hangers, single points and air. Residential and commercial vehicle efficiency is optimized by hauling the maximum legal payload on every trip to the landfill or transfer station without going to a platform scale.

Solar power can actually be more convenient for customers who have scales in remote locations on their property. By monitoring variables such as ambient temperature, these systems provide consistently high levels of weighing accuracy, even between scale calibrations. Rice Lake understands that local service providers you work with today may change, or your enterprise may expand and require alternate sales and service providers. Along with truck scales, Rice Lake manufactures laboratory balances, test weights, bench and floor scales, load cells, tank and hopper weighing systems, process control instrumentation, railroad track scales and precision test weights.
Our V600 and V300 Series meters provide accurate weight data that drivers can use to optimize vehicle earning potential.
Accuracy is in accordance with NIST, AAR, and AREMA requirements (railcars uncoupled at both ends). This protects businesses from hidden profit losses due to undetected scale errors,” Madsen said. We also understand how a scale is a cash register of sorts, and how your business does not run without a properly functioning scale. Load transfer trailers can be quickly filled to the maximum legal weight at the loading point, without waiting in scale lines or driving to the nearest platform scale. The enhanced accuracy and finer division size results in more accurate accounting of both inbound and outbound materials.
Maintenance costs can be reduced and vehicle life increased by hauling loads that the vehicle was designed to carry. Roll-offs use our shear pins and hydraulic sensor.” stated Eric Elefson, director of sales and marketing. Liability exposure due to increased braking distance from overweight vehicles can be reduced. Commercial or recycling pick-up weights can be measured in an effort to optimize pricing or recycling rebates.

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