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As someone who works for the railroad not all crossing have signals and crossings arms that come down.
Most crossings will have at least a sign indicating a rail crossing, it can be rare not to see a rail sign but they are out there. That's why you should still slow down and look before crossing a rail crossing, there could still be a train. I'm taking the game back to the store right now, we can't have crossings without visible markings, I almost lost my Dinka Blista due to this! Okay everybody because rockstar did not add this sign and my character was run over i am SUING them for emtional damage because i cried when my guy died.

In the UK, Network Fail Rail's Level Crossing standards mandate that no crossing is without 'protection', even if that just includes signs. The crossing arms are usually found only in towns, cities, or places of heavy vehicle traffic. Not to mention some crossings are sh*tty and can damage your car if you drive over them too fast. We had a safety meeting annually, and they showed us a lot of videos of near-misses and fatal collissions on crossings.
The barriers themselves are damn heavy and most of the newer ones have "skirts" to stop people ducking underneath them. His character had glitched and fallen through the game floor - effectively, in front of him was a lovely, mundane blue landscape, while the game world could be seen hovering above.

Sure, for low-traffic areas they might just put in treadle-operated half-barrier crossings. The crossing arms aren't perfect, they do malfunction, ie not going down when a train comes, staying down after a train leaves or they will just keep flashing and dinging.
Still, if a crossing is ever to fail or operate incorrectly, for whatever reason, that's a huge deal.
For many of the small footcrossings across farms, there's at least a pedestrian gate and public telephone in place so that farmers can contact the signaller.

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