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I posted photos of my assembly of this model in another thread that I cannot find, so I'm starting this new one to show the completed model. Hours after the funeral seems too soon even to offer a settlement, though I suppose you have standard offers on file. Both the BNSF and UP tracks come through our town (Rochelle, IL) and cross each other on the West end of town. They use the same device to clear the tracks over Donner Summit in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe. In England a few months ago they had a problem snow and te modern trains on I think a more rural line. Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs might be able to make a Cleanest, Dirty Job show out of this type of snow removal.

I am glad they don’t need to use this on the BNSF line next to our house (about 150 feet to the tracks).
Funny thing is I live just a couple miles away from the Transportation Museum in Alaska, they have a working small scale track that runs all over the property you can ride on, it would be really neat to have a scale working model of a snowblower like that and have a special winter cruise.
Anyone who comes to WV can ride these old steam engines as they pull tourists up and down the mountain in the old open-sided cars. Make a single scene model (for show maybe) of that Ytube video of the stuck snow plow: 12 engines and no train.
2000 International 4900 Snow Blower Truck, custom built 25,000 CFM blower system, great for clearing snow from switches, rail yards, facilities, etc. These photos were emailed to her from a fellow employee who works with the Burlington Northern Santa Fe RR in Nebraska.

Some day I’ll have enough room for a track layout and have a scene of them clearing snow like where I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains. A few blizzards and sub zero temperatures coupled with moderate winds made for a beautiful, but, flash frozen environment. A freight train was snowed in at David City and a rotary snow plow was sent to clear the track of drifts that varied from 6ft or less up to 12ft in spots!!
The truck was custom built by the seller, hydraulic boom is remote controlled from the cab and has an 8' x 180 degree movement.

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