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Visit our steam engine overview page to see our full range of live steam model locomotive choices. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad bought a total of forty-two "Berkshire" type locomotives in three orders.
The second order was given to Baldwin, which delivered six more Class M-1 "Berkshires" in 1944. The third order went to the Lima Locomotive Works for twenty-two locomotives which were delivered in 1949 and assigned road numbers 1970 through 1991.

The L&N's Class M-1 locomotives had the distinction of being the most expensive "Berkshire" type locomotives made.
Data from tables and diagram in the 1947 Locomotive Cyclopedia and L&N 3 1956 Locomotive Diagrams supplied in August 2013 by Allen Stanley from his extensive Raildata collection. Lima works numbers for 1970-1991 were 9349-9350 in January 1949, 9351-9354 in February, 9355-9358 in March, 9359-9363 in April, 9364-9366 in May, 9367-9370 in June. Built by Baldwin in 1942 and 1944 and by Lima in 1949, these engines were the epitome of the North American fast freight locomotive at the end of the steam era.

One long-time engineer noted that the "Big Emmas" could handle passenger and freight service and that they were very quiet because of the extensive use of roller bearings. On the Eastern Kentucky line, notes Castner, these engines regularly managed 124-car, 9,500-ton coal trains alone between Neon and DeCoursey, using helpers only on the Jackson and Ravenna grades.

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