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Railroad Tycoon 2 is a graphically and technically far superior game than its predecessor, Railroad Tycoon from the year of 1990. While the graphics are somewhat dated at this point, RRT2 is still a very enjoyable game with LOTS of playability.
As we know, the videogames with links to full version download are no longer supported by their producers, in contrary case contact us and they will be removed immediately. These real-time strategy simulation games place gamers in a world of big business, expansionism and engineering in which all aspects of the railroad industry can be controlled.
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Now we have beautiful imagery, insane 3D graphics and a much more practical and visually appealing interface, not to mention a lot better gameplay. Named Strategy Game of the Year by Computer Games Strategy Plus and Imagine Games Network, Railroad Tycoon II captures the authentic look and feel of the fabled late-1800's railways and focuses on industries such as coal, steel and textiles.
The game is more or less the same - you are the manager of the rail company and have to build tracks and manage your trains.
There's a sandbox mode where there's no pressure, no goals, just build your fantasy railroad system. Railroad Tycoon II has over 34 types of cargo and 50 train engines, and also features sophisticated economic system and simulated stock market. It covers the entire history of railroads from inception to the present day (and beyond), which is an interesting way to teach laymen about the evolution of trains. Railroad Tycoon II: The Second Century focuses on the post-industrial years of the 1930s through 2030. Owners focus on connecting cities by laying tracks and making a few dollars along the way by transporting everything from people and mail to raw materials and finished goods.

Other than sheer building and transport, you are immersed in the whole business area of the company, like managing profit and trying to overcome your competition. And when playing a set map, if you set the economics model to "hard", you can buy the resource and manufacturing buildings that you supply. In The Second Century, gamers encounter world catastrophes such as World War II, the Cold war and global warming, and must solve modern problems such as the increasing demand for mass transportation in major cities. Random events as well as historical happenings help shape gameplay, and a realistic stock market model adds another facet to this jewel of a game as well.The collection will appeal mostly to diehard fans looking for fresh scenarios, or newcomers wanting a complete train simulation experience, but Railroad Tycoon II owners satisfied with the original helping of action may not want to come back for seconds. If you like business sim games, you will like the game's intensity and complexity worthy of the best business sim games, like Oil Tycoon. Just make sure you keep supplying them and delivering their cargos ;-) Get this game if you have ANY interest in Trains.
Despite the addition of 50 new scenarios and two hours of original blues music, there just isn't enough here to interest those who have played Railroad Tycoon II and set it aside.The three-year-old graphics engine still chugs along nicely. The massive detail and texture of the game as well as the beauty of the design made me like the game from the fist view, and I'm not even a sim fan. There are more than 60 historic engines hauling a host of detailed cars to and from cities.
I really have to put in a few good words about the game's great soundtrack, wich mostly consists of blues and bluegrass songs, perfectly fit for the railroad business you are in. The landscape is filled with trees, hills, and rivers to circumvent for the least amount of money. Overall, playing this game encouraged me in the opinion that it is really of the highest quality and all business sim players will love it. Fifty of the scenarios are new and tougher than what veterans of the series are used to and provide untold extra hours of entertainment.

Yet, for the casual gamer, the scenarios tend to become a bit repetitive after the first dozen or so.After battling through the scenarios, you can try your hand at building one of your own -- literally from the ground up. The editor is easy to use and provides the tools needed to build any location, real or imagined.
The 200-page guide assists players through scenarios, providing several cost charts and helpful hints. Unfortunately, consulting the guide or electronic manual while playing the game is impossible, due to their inclusion as electronic versions. While not printing manuals and guides ultimately saves the gamer a few dollars, it just doesn't feel right not having a manual to read while installing the game or trying to find a command while holding off a corporate takeover in the game.The music continues to shine with over two hours of original blues, dominated by a hobo-styled harmonica. Breakdowns, crashes, and robberies are also spectacular sounding, demanding the player's attention. It is extremely easy to lay errant tracks as the mouse pointer has a tendency to jump randomly within the play window. Dealing with bridges and steep grades, while challenging, sometimes detracts from the usually enjoyable task of laying out new tracks.The game offers the definitive railroad experience for those who do not own Railroad Tycoon II. Moreover, hardcore fans that can't get enough of the series will find the new scenarios challenging, but less ardent gamers will find the extras a bit excessive.

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