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Liuzhi Railway Station lies on Jiaotong North Road, Pingzhai Township, Liuzhi District, Liuzhi City, Guizhou Province. Guiyang Railway Station and 486 kms from Kunming Railway Station, which is a third-class station attached to Guiyang Passenger Department of Chengdu Railway Bureau.
Bin: An inventory location which is typically a box or tray used to hold quantities of smaller parts.
Block Train:A number of railway wagons (loaded with containers), departing from a certain place and running straight to a place of destination, without marshalling, transhipping or any coupling or de-coupling of wagons.
Blocking or Bracing - Wood or metal supports (Dunnage) to keep shipments in place to prevent cargo from shifting..
Bonded Goods -Goods on which the duty has not yet been paid, and which therefore, are under the control of customs; usually in a Bonded warehouse. BONDED WAREHOUSE - A building authorized by Customs authorities for storage of goods on which payment of duties is deferred until the goods are removed. Booking - The arrangement of space of cargo in a container (CFS or CY), or as a break bulk or bulk.
Booking:Arrangement with a freight forwarding or shipping company for the acceptance and cartage of freight.
Booking Reference Number:The number assigned to a certain booking by the carrier or his agent. Break Bulk Cargo:General cargo conventionally stowed as opposed to unitised, containerised and Roll On-Roll Off cargo. Break Bulk Fee- The fee charged by a Breakbulk depot for unpackng, sorting and stacking cargo, either air or sea.
BREAK BULK:Loose cargo, such as cartons, stowed directly in the ship's hold as opposed to containerized or bulk cargo. Break Bulk:To unload and distribute a portion or all of the contents of a rail car, container, or trailer. Break-Bulk – A shipment which is either too heavy or has dimensions that are too large for containerised transport.

Indian Railways is the govt owned railway company, which owns and operates most of the country’s rail transport. Indian Railways transports more than  20 million passengers and has one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the world, the Indian railways transports more than 2 million tonnes of freight daily. I am a Network engineer who has a passion for Web and Bollywood , I would be updating our readers with news from India mostly related to Bollywood and Cricket and other areas too ! It offers services for both passenger transport and freight, with an exception of explosive and top-class oxidizer transport.
These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish. Transportation and Exportation – allows transport of goods imported into the US from port of arrival to port of export in the US ONLY. There are different types of bonded warehouses, depending on the use desired by the owner or lessee.
Common term for CFS – a warehouse authorized by US Customs to store and clear shipments under US Customs control. Consolidations occur when several shippers share one freight rate, getting a better rate than they would individually. It is sometimes a condition of contract of carriage that freight, or some percentage of it, becomes payable on breaking bulk.
Click here to know HS code of your product What is the ITC code (Indian Tariff Code) of your product?
Depending on the distance covered by the train and average passenger load factor, the railways either equips trains with their own pantry cars or provides meals at select stations en route. Now its easy to book a IRCTC Tatkal Online Train Reservation of IRCTC Indian Railway Ticket. It pioneered Internet-based rail ticket booking through its website, as well as from mobile phones via GPRS or SMS. Through this program, passengers can avail of discounts on all tickets booked round the year by paying an upfront annual fee.

Like us on Facebook and Google+ to stay updated about what's happening in your beloved country India! It is a temporary storage area (limited for five years) for goods until duties are paid or otherwise properly released and the cleared from Customs.
Bonded warehouse (place where goods can be placed under bond) Bonded store (place on a vessel where goods are placed behind seal until the time that the vessel leaves the port or country again) Bonded goods (dutiable goods upon which duties have not been paid i.e. Usually, their cargo is grouped together in one ocean container or air shipping unit (container or pallet).
The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.
12 Major risks and solutions in Imports and Exports Dimension of export containers Export Promotion Councils and Commodity Boards, product wise SEIS scheme for exporters in India Spices Board SHEFEXIL,Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotion Council SEPC,Services Export Promotion Council How to minimize import cargo clearance time? Normally, when Customs requires a bond, they mean that a surety bond is needed for the import of the shipment.
The Break bulk department (typically referring to just air inbound) is responsible for tracking the incoming consolidation and breaking it down according to consignee upon arrival. An open logic proposal to WTO What happens, if cargo not cleared by importer What happens, if HAWB number marks wrongly What happens, once Bill of Entry for Imports files? In addition to E-tickets, IRCTC also offers I-tickets that are basically like regular tickets except that they are booked online and delivered by post.
It insures that Customs will receive their revenue from the surety company if the importer refuses or is unable to pay. The second most common usage for a bond is for shipments which are sent in-bond from one U.S.

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