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Colour: Light natural golden pine colour, that bleaches silver grey in the sun after 6 months or so.
These good value eco friendly sleepers are the most popular of all our new railway sleepers. You have two options, depending on which delivery option you chose at the checkout stage online, or when you telephone the office.
This delivery charge is usually more expensive than the Pallet system, but is essential if you order some heavy railway sleepers, without any forklift, or sufficient people to help you offload.
The cost depends on the postcode of where you live, the number, size and weight of your railway sleepers, how quickly you want it, and whether you can offload or not.  Lots of different variables! It is a water based preservative treatment that protects against decay and fungal and insect attack. It is so far the most environmentally friendly form of pressure treatment available and has replaced the original CCA treatment. An eco treatment will not leak out in the summer, and is particularly suitable for schools, play areas, children, animals, growing food and indoors, where creosote is unsuitable.
Wolmanit CX-10 is a wood preservative suitable for industrial use against wood destroying fungi and insects on internal and external structural timber with and without ground and water contact, in particular for timber used in horticulture and landscape gardening, playground equipment, posts, vine support, fences, palisades and wood paving. The main advantage of Wolman CX is its higher penetration and stability of the ratio of Copper to actives for a long lasting protection and confidence in the field. Some solutions have a weaker chemical in the UK than in Sweden, whereas Wolman CX is the same in both countries. Believe it or not, the treatment companies (and hence us!) offer no guarantee as to the treatment and the longetivity of the railway sleepers. In reality, like many companies, they are frightened about people making claims against them, and so they chose to offer no guarantee, rather than risk someone wanting the whole of their railway sleepers to be replaced after 10 years, if it starts to rot.

Recently we were told of an old traditional timber company that had once rashly offered a lifetime guarantee on their oak fencing.
If you fancy a bolder darker colour, there is always the easy option of staining these sleepers with a multitude of colours that can be applied by brush, and are available in most DIY stores. So no need to pre-drill, and connecting these sleepers together should be pretty quick and straightforward.
As it happens, most landscaping projects have an element of flexibility or tolerance in them and can cope with this. Frequently used for those wanting a crisp clean neat landscaping look, with the option of staining or changing colour.
If the railway sleepers are 1.2m or less in length, the lorry driver CAN place the railway sleepers onto the pavement or road using the lorry tail lift and hand palletruck. It is crucial to tell us, when we contact you to arrange delivery, whether there are any delivery problems - e.g.
If you order online, the delivery cost will be worked out automatically by a computer brain. They do not contain arsenic or chromium and have a very low potential for human toxicity.
Wolman CX is a leading chemical in Europe and in particular in Sweden, where timber treaters are independently audited every year with the results presented openly to the market. Wolman CX is proven and unchanged since the early 1990's, achieving the best independent penetration data year on year in Europe.
About a year ago an 80 year old lady came into their office brandishing a yellow discoloured receipt from 1959, and stating that several of her fence posts were now rotten! If your project needs exact accuracy in length, width or depth, then you may need to cut them to your precise specifications yourself.

Great for gardening, as they are very simple to stack and construct with, not to mention lifting, drilling and cutting. If you do not have a forklift, you MUST have at least 2 or more strong people to manally offload. If you order by telephone, the delivery cost will be calculated by a mere human being, who will chat with you whilst working it all out! Recent results show Wolman CX as the only chemical without any failures, and at the same time possessing the highest number of samples tested. The CX solution will provide a long lasting defence against fungi and insects and stability in preservative and colour.
CX is a strong, stable and unique formulation that has been designed to defend against the very common brown rot fungi in the UK. Popular for steps, walls, raised beds, decking, ponds, furniture & areas where creosote treatment is unsuitable.
That's because our hauliers charge us according to how many pallets the order takes up, so whether there is 1 railway sleeper on a pallet, or 20 railway sleepers on it, it makes no difference! You'll normally need at least two willing people, with the possibility of incentives to sweeten the lifting process.

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