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Toddlers love to play with push button controls and the battery operated ride on train with track sure to be the perfect gift for them.
Almost all ride-on trains are powered with 6-volt rechargeable battery and most importantly easy to drive. My son asked me to grab this ride on train for him (the left-side model without track) but I refused because it is suit for toddlers aged in between 12~36 months whereby my son already 5 years old. The manufacturer claims that this ride-on toy is suit for toddlers who ages 12 months and up. The train features authentic sounds such as "Stop", "All aboard" and fun noises include "ting-ting-ting" and whistle blowing.
The maximum weight it could supports is 44lbs and the manufacturer recommended age is 12 months to 4 years old toddlers.
Both Peg Perego ride on train with track set are powered by 6-volt battery and can be operated on circular track or ride-off smooth surfaces.

Whether indoors or outdoors, on tracks or smooth surfaces, the Peg Perego Choo Choo Express train is safe and easy to use: simply press the button on the handlebar to start. Sounds and flashing lights accompany your child's first journeys into the world, sitting comfortably on a fire-red locomotive.
A figure of eight track set is also available as an optional extra for the Choo Choo ride on train.
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This pedal ride on train steam engine has automatic freewheeling, so the pedals stay still even when the train keeps moving and each Engine has its own easy to use brake. In fact, it ranks #3 in Amazon under category of "Electric Vehicles" when I sourcing this kind of toy.
If you would like to know details information about the train with track package, please click on the above picture.

It is easy assembly and most importantly easy-to-drive regardless where the track is, either indoor carpet or outdoor hard surfaces. It is the great toy for toddlers%u2019 age between 18 to 36 months and they could sit comfortable with adjustable seat. While toddlers are ride-on the Thomas train, they could be entertained with railroad crossing sounds and music. It could be used baby walker, ride off track as foot-to-floor manual operate, and 6-volt battery powered train to run on 19" track.

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