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Note: If you spot any spelling mistakes or incorrect information in the title or any of the descriptions present, please click here to forward your corrections. 3082 Denver & Rio Grande Western [LGB 3082] - $179.99 : America's Best Train, Toy & Hobby Shop! This passenger car features opening doors, plastic trucks, latch couplers and plastic wheels and axles.
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Here we see the spectacular trains and scenery of the line from Durango to Silverton from both trackside and on board.Next, we view a pair of "Cumbres Turns" with K-36 #483 and K-37 #490 in charge. These trains ran to and from Chama, New Mexico and Cumbres, Colorado.Then it’s off to Salida, Colorado for our last segment. This is where we begin to see some great scenes of the Monarch Turn from Salida to the CF&I Limestone Quarry. Locations on this line include Maysville and the Garfield Switch Back.This video includes a big portion of the Rio Grande narrow gauge fleet.

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