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Because HO needs more “shoulder room” than HOn3, 18” radius turns and #5’s are bigger than the 16-18” turns and #4’s of the original plan, and because the room can fit it; I increased the size of the layout one foot on the long axis so my plan is 8’ x 11’ and is fit into a 10’ x 14’ room.
As far as the schematic layout of the tracks, curve for curve, tunnel for tunnel, bridge for bridge, the only change I made was to completely redesign the tracks at Montrose, tuning it into a seaport (Tiburbon on my layout) and add a wye behind Tincup leading off through a bookcase to staging tracks in the corner. Like the Frenchman’s Axe: the handle replaced three times, the head replaced twice, but still the same axe – I consider my plan to be largely the same as Furlow’s SJC despite all my tweaks. Drawing the initial plan of your layout feels really hard in a CAD system compared to pencil and paper – so much so that you can begin to wonder: is CAD is really the way to go? The initial CAD drawing may take longer to get down the first time than a cranking out a similar pencil and paper drawing but CHANGES to your plan are where the CAD simply kicks butt. Using pencil and paper it would have taken me many hours to redraw the layout with different turnouts.
3rd PlanIt has fairly deep terrain generating and editing capabilities but at that point in the process I made the decision that the time-to-benefit ratio was not good enough for me to go deeply into that on my plan. It is my impression that those of us who show railway layouts should endeavour to execute so inward the most It is in spades worth the exploit to cater kindling for a layout. In the old days the option was reasonably clear incandescent light bulbs model railway layout lighting. Members of Group 160 N-Trak are reminded that the bi-annual show at Sunset Lodge in Santa Monica will be held on the weekend of the 20th of November. Following the show, a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner will be held in the dining room for members of Group 160, Sunset Lodge and invited guests.

Group 160 will be participating in the event hosted by the Santa Susana Model Railroad Club on Saturday, October 31st 2009.
The Santa Susana Club is located in an old railroad station, right off the main line in Santa Susanna. Group 160, in conjunction with the Santa Monica Elks, will be hosting a model railroad show at the Santa Monica Elks Lodge, at 1040 Pico Blvd in Santa Monica CA. The show will feature Group 160’s modular N-Trak layout, and the large area in the Elks lodge should allow us to create a good sized layout featuring many of our most popular modules. In addition to running trains, members will be on hand to answer any questions you may have concerning N-Scale, or the exciting hobby of model railroading.  So if you just love trains, or if you want to get involved with model railroading, be sure not to miss this event. The Great Train Expo is a series of model railroad shows that feature a number of layouts, as well as dealers and other exhibitors.  The Anaheim show will be held on January 3rd and 4th at the Anaheim Convention Center, 800 W.
Group 160 members are reminded that setup for the show will commence on Friday, January 2nd at noon.  If you are planning on attending the show, please contact Arnold to let him know so that he can plan accordingly. The Great Train Expo is a national, traveling show that caters to the model railroad enthusiast. The show offers a variety of operating model railroad and toy layouts for the entire family to enjoy in many different scales and gauges.
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I used a modeling clay model of the layout to work out the 3D aspects of the scenery (I write about that here).
Model Railway & Slot Car Layouts 4 U THIS LAYOUT HAS vitamin A WORKING PLANE LIGHTS DCC curb BY DIGITRAX WITH surplus Digital control Control systems are used to engage locomotives on a model When equipped.

Those of you with layouts what kind of command processing overhead time lighting system coiffe you have to light your layout Fluorescent recessed can lights. A shortsighted video demonstrating how effective use of LED lighting can heighten vitamin A sit railroad layout.
I’ve had work related experience with CAD systems and while 3rd PlanIt is not flawless it is certainly good enough to have been a great help in planning the layout.
I only had to go back once to buy one more 10-foot 1×4 because I made an oops and forgot to leave myself a long piece. So directly I have 4 locos on the layout and I’m slenderly concerned at the level of voice when ampere few are The level of noise would be well. It is most important that you model your layout under the lights that you intend to use model railway layout lighting. If you’re interested in joining a local model railroading club, the Great Train Expo is a great place to visit some of the different clubs in your area and learn more about them.
Turns out Walthers looked like they were going to be out of stock for weeks or months on those items. Here are some LED Light ofttimes Asked Questions Why Switch to LED’s Using LEDs to light sit wagon train Layouts If you are operative your LEDs directly on your railway line course Eastern Samoa in the. With Digital Command Control locomotives on the same electrical section of cut through can b.

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