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A friend from work recently rescued his fathers old Lionel standard gauge trains from ultimate destruction (aka, the garbage can).
And just for fun, I took this picture of the 390-E next to my American Flyer pre-war Royal Blue. I think what we'd like to know most is, what is the value of all of these (again, many of them have their original boxes)? I've already tested the motor on the 390-E, and aside from some most likely fixable binding, it runs! Lionel made two different stripes for this car and they are sometimes found mix-matched on individual cars. The lead and trailing truck wheels are falling apart from zinc contamination, but I already know that Bowser makes replacements for those.

I suspect that with a good cleaning and some new wheels (drive wheels seem OK), it can still work as if it was new. After a really good cleaning with a LOT of alcohol, the 390E seems to work like a new engine.
The boiler front only has a couple chips out of the edges, but the pilot and walkway have separated at the top of the steps.
The track is oxidized and corroded beyond reliable use, and the tin plating is also completely gone, so I know that needs to be replaced with new track.
It came with Type VIII die-cast four-wheel passenger trucks equipped with magnetic couplers.
It also looks like when the right side handrail fell off, some sort of cloth tape was used to hold it on.

Also, is it supposed to activate every time the power is turned on, like in Marx steam engines? Parts of the tape are still stuck to the shell, but it looks like they're immune to Goo-Gone.

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