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One of the single biggest challenges when considering DIY home improvement is actually not the lack of skills you have as an amateur, but more typically it's the lack of knowledge pertaining to where you can find good quality and reasonably priced materials. With the rather recent introduction (we're talking the last 20-30 years) of "big box stores" like Lowes and Home Depot, many people feel, and the marketing would lead you to believe, that they have pretty much everything you need in the way of materials to do any project.
One of the aspects of materials acquisition that's been particularly challenging for us is the location of high quality and reasonably priced lumber. Finding that perfectly straight, undamaged, and correct species board in a big box can sometimes feel like searching for a unicorn or leprechaun. In yesterday's post, we mentioned that we purchased the western red cedar boards for our storm windows from an online retailer, but this wasn't the first time we've purchased wood online. Right when we moved into our house there weren't many online resources for lumber, so we were left to find local sources. Their showroom is nice with all of their molding profiles on display so you can easily get the sense of each items scale and purpose. We've purchased several of our crown profiles, some rough sawn tight grain pine, our Cyprus siding, and much of our oak closet plywood from Smoot. As our projects called for more specialized wood, or the prices at local lumber yards had us flinching as we grabbed for our wallet, my search for more lumber options took me online. We've placed a few other orders with Mad River over the years and often look to them for anything really specialized.
When building our office desk we wanted to use cherry, but didn't have a source for inexpensive yet high quality supplies. Baird Brothers is located outside of Canton, Ohio (home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame) and offers a very nice selection of S4S hardwoods and plywood.
And though we've not gone this route yet, I've been considered salvaged wood or rough sawn boards that people are trying to move on Craigslist. There you have it, my secret list of local and online lumber suppliers that have worked really well for us over the years. Oh and Second Chance up in Baltimore has great old growth beams (chesnut, SYP, etc.) that can be milled into great stock. If you're looking for information on advertising and sponsorships, head on over to our sponsorships page. In our exercise, we’re working with the construction drawings, so everything is in 2D. This entry was postedon Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 at 6:29 amand is filed under Classes.
I did a similar exercise earlier this year and came up with a timber list that I’m certain was much smaller than yours.

DuPont Performance Polymers includes nylon, acetal and polybutylene terephthalate resins, as well as thermoplastic elastomers and biopolymers. The spokesman added that the merger of the two units will causes some roles to be eliminated, but the number of affected jobs has not been determined. Based on sales, Performance Materials ranked second among DuPont’s six operating units in the nine-month period. If you are using assistive technology to view web content, please ensure your settings allow for the page content to update after initial load (this is sometimes called "forms mode"). It's also true that it can be tedious, trying, difficult, frustrating, and downright infuriating, but most of those moments fall by the wayside when you're able to look at what you've accomplished in a finished project and take pride in the fact that you were able to do it yourself and overcome some of the challenges that presented themselves along the way.
It's not an aspect of home renovation I initially considered when beginning our journey, but it's a fact that Wendy and I both learned very quickly. The reality is that they typically have the basics to help you get started, but you'll need to find alternate sources for quite a few materials in order to ensure a high quality finished result. If you've been through the aisles of the big boxes you know that the lumber available is often either not of top quality, or it's been thoroughly picked over, leaving warped or damaged boards that you must pick through yourself to find something the meets your needs.
Over the years we've compiled a pretty decent list of both local and Internet based resources where we're able to purchase high quality lumber for our various project needs. Smoot offers a tremendous selection of in stock moldings and profiles, many species of rough sawn boards, specialty building supplies, and high quality plywood. You can see it in the background of this photo I took of a Smoot window from the late 1800s. It's a California shop called Mad River Woodworks, and they specialize in the more ornate Victorian style millwork you see on many "gingerbread" homes.
Custom knives, setup, and 100 feet of custom run 4" molding plus shipping from California was still less than half the cost of ordering it locally. I was also concerned that we wouldn't be able to get it back to our house even if I found some locally, since we only had our Mustang at the time. We ended up ordering all of the wood we needed for the desk in dimensional lumber and two full 4' x 8' sheets of cherry plywood.
After a recent search I'm rather intrigued by the local pickup options for rough sawn curly maple and tiger cherry.
It's amazing how much better a project can turn out if you use high quality wood of the correct species for the task. I have yet to work with maple or cherry for any serious projects that demand high quality results, so I've been able to get by with poplar for my paint grade projects from Lowes. You have the potential to get REALLY GORGEOUS and well priced furniture grade wood, or it could be improperly seasoned and turn out to be expensive firewood.
I went through the whole list and was shocked that our casings weren't in that catalog. That entire unit now will be led by Patrick Lindner, who has run the Performance Polymers unit since 2014 and who has been with DuPont since 1996.

A company spokesman said no information was available as to Harvey’s position beyond that point.
Performance Materials sales fell 13 percent to just over $4 billion, with operating profit down 1 percent to $935 million. For most DIY homeowners, this does not come as a surprise and will most likely be met with quite a few head nods. Add to it that the big box stores don't typically carry some of the more specialized products you'll end up needing, especially those that old house enthusiasts such as us require to work on our house.
This isn't as much of a concern when you're searching for framing lumber, but if you're working on something that has a finished face that you plan to stain or paint (like our office desk), it has the potential to ruin your project. When I find something good and have a little left over, it truly brings pain to my heart if it isn't eventually put to use. Now that we have the list in hand, and we've received the periodic question about where to buy wood, we figure there's some value in our list and it might help you with your projects in the future, so why not share? Smoot is particularly well known in the area among the trades, and it's been around for nearly 150 years.
Their prices are somewhat high, especially for custom knives and millwork, but when you need something quickly that they happen to have, you can't beat the convenience.
I now have several favorite online retailers that are my typical go to spots when I start my search.
We had them cut knives to custom match some of our home's original moldings and they've since added our profile to their catalog for easy ordering.
It may add a few dollars to the overall price of a given project, but it's very much worth it when the end result is something that you can truly br proud of.
Wilmington, Del.-based DuPont also is merging its Protection and Building Innovations units. I mean, I wouldn't ever expect to find plaster buttons or lime based mortar anywhere in the aisles of a big box, it just doesn't make financial sense for them. Hopefully this will also spark some discussion that will inspire you to share your favorite locations with us (wink, wink). I've actually heard that John Smoot, founder of Smoot Lumber, has been credited with "building Alexandria," since his lumber mill was the main game in town and used to be located in the heart of Old Town.
Now that I know they're a good and reasonably priced cedar supplier I know just where I can pick up the wood for any of our future WRC needs. They're also famous for a massive mill fire in 1909 that devastated a large section of Old Town.
I priced it out at another local mill and they told us we were looking at $1600, so we were happy to find this option.

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