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Suddenly when everything for our retiring in Thailand was going well and I thought it couldn’t get any better – suddenly it did! Here are some photos and a movie of 6″ scale Little Samson steam traction engines built and owned by other people.
I was looking around in Thailand to try to obtain the big machine tools and had several lines of investigation and a couple of offers open. The I received an email from John in Bangkok who seemed to have just what I was looking for. Those machine tools are just about big enough to to make the traction engine parts but they will be stretched to their limits. Join the Announcement List and receive an email when something interesting is added to the blog or website.
Yesterday, 22 May 2014, I travelled to meet Tony Baldwin of AJB Engineering to see some large scale model traction engine boilers under construction in the workshop at his home in Codnor, near Ripley in Derbyshire, UK.
Tony specialises in making steel boilers for large scale model traction engines and all the boilers are built to strict pressure vessels standards and inspected by the insurance Company RSA and on completion come complete with the CE Kitemark and all documentation.
I need the CE Kitemark for the boiler for my own 6″ scale Little Samson model traction engine because although I will build it in Thailand, I intend to export it back to the UK (after I have played with it for a while in Thailand) and sell it on. So, having placed the order for my Little Samson boiler with Tony, he kindly invited me to visit him at his home and workshop to see some boilers under construction.
Tony himself was equally as large in life as the workshop and the boilers and his handshake was both friendly and as strong as the steel used to make the boilers. Recognising that Tony gave up his own time to stop working and show me around his workshops I am am truly grateful to him. One thing you’ll immediately notice is the huge size of the boilers and the thickness of the steel plate. You see, the drawings for all the models are copies of the original Works Drawings for the real thing.
Apart from that, everything on the model is an exact, but smaller, copy of the original full sized traction engine. Above, as it says, is a Little Samson 6″ (equals half full-size) traction engine boiler.
This is a machine that Tony uses to cut out the steel plate for the model traction engine boilers. On the right is the cutting section where an oxy-acetylene cutting torch mimics the movements of the tracing head and cuts the steel plate. Now for a couple of photos of large scale model traction engines built and being built by Tony. I can give you the names of a couple of UK boiler makers if you email me, or better, if you reply to this comment.
If you are not looking for a close scale model of the steam Case bulldozer you could maybe find an existing design that you could use.

What amazed me most of all (as I said) was how many large traction engines there were either complete or under construction.
Of course I am using arc welding (sometimes called stick welding) and Tony uses MIG welding for the boilers. I haven’t tried welding thicker steel yet when I hope to be able to see the weld pool at a higher current. As to the engine being to only half sized model in traction in Thailand I rather suspect it will be the only working traction engine in Thailand – or do you know of another one? Near to our house in Pak Chong I spotted a rusting hulk of what looks like a traction engine.
Yes I do hope we can find the time to visit you when we go down to Laem Chabang port to show my passport to the customs officials.
It may all go smoothly but it may take hours and hours and Kanyah doesn’t like driving in the dark. Este importe incluye los aranceles, los impuestos, la corredurA­a y otras tarifas aplicables.
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Este vendedor exige que el comprador disponga de una cuenta PayPal para poder adquirir el artA­culo. Continuing with the story of building the 6″ scale Little Samson Traction Engine model at my model engineering workshop in Thailand. On Tuesday 13 May 2014, I had a telephone call from Tony Baldwin of AJB Engineering in response to a message I had left him on his answerphone.
Ajb Engineering (Ripley) Ltd is a company that is well respected for making large traction engine boilers and was recommended to me by Edward George of Little Samson Models (where I bought my Little Samson Traction Engine castings). We discussed building the boiler and Tony said that he could build it for me but that it would take up to 9 months before it was ready.
Tony explained that it only takes two to three weeks to build the boiler but he needs to get a batch of six to eight boilers finished so that RSA Inspector can inspect them all at the same time.
Tony quoted me a price for the boiler which was within my expectations and the next day Wednesday 14 May 2014 I sent off a cheque for 20% of the total price as a deposit.
The nine months waiting time should fly by as you will be very busy with machining the casting you have. I visited AJB Engineering (Tony Baldwin) yesterday and saw plenty of large scale traction engine boilers being built. Without a boiler built and certified to the pressure vessel Standards and witnessed and certified by a company like RSA you won’t be able to sell a traction engine in Europe.

Generally steel thicknesses are thicker that scale and smoke tubes larger but smaller in number. All the welds are made using the MIG (Metal Inert Gas) process and when I asked Tony he told me that he runs welds at around 300 Amps.
Tony has promised to send me some progress photos as the build of my boiler gets under way and I’ll post then here as soon as I receive them. It seems you are from USA (you mention Indiana) and I have no idea what the legal and insurance company requirements over there. But I suspect that by the time you have finished the build and see a magnificent engine standing in your drive way it will be hard to send it back to UK to sell it. My welding is atrocious which I put down to not being able to see through the welding mask (plus lack of experience and skill). I find that with arc welding on thin gauge steel running at about 70 ~ 90 Amps the weld pool is obscured by the pool of slag from the flux.
But as a lad I did a lot of reasonable welding on my racing car and it passed the scrutineers so it can’t have been that bad. With the castings now on a ship bound for Thailand it was time to turn my attention to obtaining the boiler which I would be unable to do myself because of all the stringent requirements of insurance companies for pressel vessel manufacture. This saves a vast amount of money – to have individual inspections for each boiler would be prohibitively expensive Tony said. I found out that Ajb Engineering is at Codnor only about 10 miles from my house in Nottingham. I was in Thailand for eight months on my last visit and no where near completed the Stuart Turner Victoria mill engine I am building and that’s a miniscule project compared to the Little Samson traction engine. Note the fine detailing that Tony has added to this magnificent example of a large scale steam traction engine model.
I bought one of those auto darkening ones (quite cheap) and it’s good to see where to strike the arc but then it goes just as dark as a normal mask. Si resides en un Estado Miembro de la UE aparte de Reino Unido, el IVA de importaciA?n de esta compra no es recuperable. It’s quite amazing what a tremendous demand there is for people wanting to own a large scale model steam traction engine in the UK. Here a drawing is laid out on the work surface and the tracing head follows the lines on the drawing. I had to wait 9 months for the boiler for my 6″ scale Little Samson Traction Engine model. Allow for a week for unloading and I expect to have to go down to customs on customs around 20th or 23rd so that should fit in nicely with your visit.

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