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I understand that area is extremely busy, with Jamaica Center and the LIRR station not too far, but where did buses that now stop at Jamaica Center stop before it was even built?
Before all the routes terminated at Jamaica Center, the last stops were around the 165th st. The semi-high rise building in the background to the tight looks more modern that that, so that's surprising.
Shortline MCI 70924 is followed by New Jersey MCI commuter 7799 in rush hour in August 2010. MCI 27097 leaves the Port Authority Terminal in August 2010, while a New Jersey MCI leaves on the overhead roadway and the Empire State Building enhances the skyline.

As subsidiary Community Coaches' MCI 8766 shows, adverts can take a prominent position on commuter coaches. In the queue of coaches trying to access the Port Authority Coach Terminal in rush hour in August 2010, Shortline 70922 is sandwiched between other MCIs from Greyhound Canada and NJ Transit. A Five Star Platinum MCI D4500 series heads for the Port Authority Terminal in August 2010. 98 chevy cavalier engine diagram2010 ARCOA Annual Meeting Agenda Sheraton Gateway Suitesthrough many hard working excursion co- ordinators.
It is not alone, the commuter coach operation around the Port Authority terminal is a sight to behold with a continuous conveyor belt of coaches arriving or departing for several hours in the morning and afternoon peaks.

Though I'm not sure if that is simply the front blending in with the side of the fishbowl). Valuable land is used up as coach parking lots nearby - as for this collection of CoachUSA MCIs seen in July 2009, several of which are lettered for the Shortline subsidiary. Was that the same company that provided the LI service?Also, it looks like in front of it, some bus with a front-mounted engine.

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