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The Toyota iQ-based Aston Martin Cygnet will set a new standard for small (and we mean really small) luxury cars when it goes on sale in Europe in 2010. For the American car buyer, having been raised to equate "small" with "cheap to buy and cheaper to own," that will be a harder argument to win.
Nevertheless, those examples center on cars that have expanded a parent company's portfolio but haven't compromised the brand's image.
At the opposite pole is a small car unlike any other we can remember: the Cygnet, a union of the world's premier luxury brands and one of the world's premier budget brands. The first question you probably have about this car is "What does 'cygnet' mean?" That one is easy: it means a young swan. Aston said that about 30% of its buyers have a small car, like a Mini or smart fortwo, that they use for quick trips. Aston hasn't released an exact price, but suggested something in the neighborhood of a‚¬25,000 to a‚¬30,000, which equates to $36,000 to $43,000 in the U.S.
The Cygnet is expected to go into production at the end of 2010 and eventually zoom on over here to the States.
As one would expect of Aston, however, the Cygnet will have one final trick up its sleeve in comparison to every other supermini unveiled by a mass market luxury maker: since you need to own an Aston to buy a Cygnet, the cheapest Cygnet will set you back about $140,000. It is not meant to drive across country with your mother in law and 3.5 kids and their bicycles?!
Europe learnt to save space and money because of the cost of gas and we will have to do the same. America was started with people moving west with horses and carriage containing ALL of their belongings, no need to do that anymore you can take a plane and get there and back your property will be there for you! FROM THE LOOKS OF THE PICTURE, TO ME, IT LOOKS LIKE THE TURD THAT MY LITTLE DOG LET GO ON THE GRASS THIS MORNING.
ONLY THE DUMB ASS CLASS WITH ALL THE BIG BUCKS WILL MAYBE BUY IT TO SHOW OFF THIER IGNORANCE TO THIER WELL TO DO, OVER PAID RICH FOLK NEIGHBORS. The new company owners have done nothing but cheapen the brand, first with the Vantage and now this little piece of crap. In the past, the general impression of a person driving an expensive vehicle was that of success. I now view people that are driving vehicles beyond their apparent means as marketing victims. Please keep your comments relevant to the Aston Martin Cygnet: Small But Not Cheap article. A­With gas prices at historic highs in the United States and fuel-efficient cars in vogue, the time might be perfect for DaimlerChrysler to introduce the Smart Car to U.S. In the next sections, we'll look at what that small size means in terms of safety and gas mileage. Virtually unlike anything that came before or after it, this two seat microcar had a front-hinged door and could fit in a parallel parking space head first. Offered for sale is our incredibly original, always California owned, numbers matching, rust free, professionally fully rebuilt original numbers matching engine and original transmission 1957 BMW Isetta 300 finished in its rare factory correct Weisgold (paint code 19567) over tan. This is only complimented by the cheery factory correct finish, a warm pastel yellow that’s entirely era specific and stunning in person. Mechanically the car is in excellent shape, its original and recently fully rebuilt and refinished one-cylinder, four stroke 298cc engine starting easily and idling consistently. Isettas have skyrocketed in value in recent years with auction examples routinely fetching $50k+ and showing no signs of slowing.
We want this car to go to great home and would be happy to further discuss it and answer any questions, so please feel free to email us or call us at 805-202-4557.

We’ve always had an appreciation for classic European cars and over the years have created an eclectic personal collection. Please note we do not represent these vehicles and our opinion on these cars has no guarantee or warranty. And since automakers known more for larger luxury cars are no more exempt from those realities than is Kia, they will be responsible for the second trend.
What's more, following in its tire tracks and headed this way will soon be dinky runabouts like the Audi A1 and Fiat 500, and potentially the Mercedes A Class and B Class cars and a Porsche that will be the spiritual successor to the 914. There will only be one mechanical spec available, fitted with a 1.3-liter, 97-hp engine and a CVT transmission. The iQ gets thick, hand-stitched leather slathered everywhere, veneers, different instrument details, and the Emotion Control Unit key system that James Bond showed off to glorious effect in Casino Royale. In that case, there's no reason Aston should leave BMW and Mercedes to make that money, and the Cygnet will help keep Aston owners in the brand family round-the-clock. Aston will have plenty of time to tweak its strategy before that happens, and it will also have plenty of bellweathers to monitor: the small cars on the way from mass market luxury makers will help take the American buyer's pulse, and the Scion version of the iQ is said to be arriving next year.
Except for the same usual suspects not understanding that times change and that we must adapt to them, we will have to take public transportation more often for practicality as well as efficiency. He wanted to make a small car that would be fuel efficient, environmentally responsible and easy to park in small spaces. Powered by a one-cylinder engine, performance was leisurely, which was fine, as these cars were used mainly in urban settings. Produced for the US market, it has been a Southern California car from new, stored for the better part of three decades between the 1970s and 2000s, and most recently a labor of love for two brothers who mechanically and professionally restored the car together (rebuilt original engine, rebuilt original transmission, carb, fuel system, brakes, clutch, electrical, etc.), preserving the cars beautiful originality and charm. Presenting beautifully, it’s only marred by the most minimal of imperfections (the odd, touched up rock chip), none of which are significant enough to appear in any of the pictures. We only buy cars that we’d personally be interested in owning and generally only sell them to make room for other acquisitions.
The Mercedes A- and B Class might be inexpensive Mercedes', but they're still sufficient representatives of the 3-pointed star. Ulrich Bez had a few words with Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, and it is said that that's where the idea for the Cygnet began.
There, the tiny car's exterior will be reshaped with Aston cues like hood and side scoops, pull-out door handles, new taillights, and a miniature version of Aston's grille. Most importantly, though, buyers will have access to the same range of customization options they would get if buying a more traditional Aston, so a Cygnet could end up costing as much as an E Class. In the meantime the English maker of bespoke luxury cars will be making sure its reputation isn't cratered by applying its brand of lipstick to the eminently kissable lips of a Toyota iQ. Most of all people in cities are driving big SUVs burning gas and taken space by themselves or at best with one passenger. The Swatch Company collaborated with Daimler-Benz (after a failed venture with Volkswagen) to create the first City Coupe under the company name Micro Compact Car (MCC). In postwar Europe, a vehicle came about out of necessity that was even smaller: the bubble car.
While the notion of such a small car seems far and away removed from the current BMW product portfolio, it serves as a reminder as to how this company was hanging on for survival after the war. Of all the classic, collector and unique cars we’ve owned, none has garnered more attention from other drivers and pedestrians than the Isetta.
The interior shows only a light and evenly beautiful patina, its handsome tan upholstery, interior panels and carpeting all in excellent condition. The car shifts well, pulling through each of its gears strongly and is quite sure footed, handling tightly on its incredibly short wheelbase and driving and braking straight.

If you would like additional attribution for your work, or wish to remove your listing from our site, we are happy to accommodate. The Mercedes-Benz of small car offerings, the A Class -- which is about 5 inches shorter than the Yaris -- is A?14,290, or $22,831. Development began in 1994, and the first car was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1997. This was the answer to getting folks back on their feet and mobile when few could afford a full-sized car. This Isetta for sale in California has been treated to a comprehensive restoration and is painted in a period appropriate color.
All of the chrome is great shape, as is the rubber, front and rear windshields and each of the sliding windows. Surprisingly peppy (BMW rated the car as being able to reach speeds of 53 MPH!), the car is as much fun to drive as it is to look at.
We try to give accurate descriptions of the cars we’re selling, but we’re enthusiasts, not experts, and we encourage and are happy to help facilitate personal or professional inspections. Buyer is responsible for shipping, however we’d be more that happy to help with recommendations and arrangements. A lot like that other auction darling of late, the Amphicar, prices for bubble cars in good nick have shot up in recent years to the point where good ones are no longer play toys for the novice enthusiast. The difference is explained in the brand argument, which is held to be the same for small cars as for large.
Production numbers have been estimated to be anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 annually, which would be about 20% of Aston's sales on the low end, 80% on the high end.
The MCC went on sale the following year, but Hayek was disappointed with the use of a conventional engine -- he'd wanted a hybrid or pure electric motor -- and the price of the car, which was higher than expected. These tiny runabouts, usually powered by engines derived from motorbikes, were built by a few manufacturers. And perhaps the nicest aspect of that attention is that it’s always accompanied by smiles – you just can’t help but feel good looking at it. With its Italian designed space-age looks, it’s interesting to picture how the car must have been received by consumers in the 1950s.
But please do so before bidding, as the alternative harms our ability to make sales to other interested parties who have done their proper due diligence before bidding.
The car is listed locally and we reserve the right to end the auction at any time should it sell prior to auction’s end. A good Isetta like this could be capable of bringing upwards of $40,000 to the right person.
You pay more for the Mercedes, and in return you get Mercedes engineering, luxury, and brand cachet. When initial sales were slow, Swatch pulled out of the partnership, leaving Daimler-Benz (now DaimlerChrysler) full owner of the Smart division. In fact, a restored Isetta 300 brought a shade over $40,000 at the Barrett-Jackson auction last year.
For the quality of this restoration, I’d suspect this one is worth somewhere between $35,000 and $40,000.

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