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Although the backgrounds and landscape are very different, the detailed care taken with the time period, and the track layout and elevations, helps the viewer see this logging scene as tied to the 1950's town it joins.
If you would like more information about when my Little Lumber will be available, please contact me (click notify button below).
Description: This lumber layout scale employs charting and scales for planning lumber layouts.
A tall man could easily walk through these forests without being brushed; first limbs 70 or 80 feet above the ground on trees 8 or 9 feet in diameter were common in the state, which overhead, the dense foliage shut off the daylight and prevented growth of most underbrush. But as more people settled in western Virginia, a demand for cut and dressed lumber for houses, stores, banks, and churches sprung up. Improvements continued to be made to these early mills, including the installation of "gang saws" or multiple blades that could saw out several boards simultaneously from one log. Hey Greg,I've been away from things for a while, you've made great progress since I last visited this thread.She's is one sweet ship!

Hi Joe & Greg, thanks for your nice posts guys!Greg, Langell Boys has left for Spragge to pick up a load of lumber.
Ahoy Ken, nice to hear from you again.Thanks for that new photo, it's just the kind I was looking for. The painted backdrop helps to define the terrain, even though it is a simplified flat view. Ultimately, a single water mill could turn out 30,000 or more linear feet of board in one day. Ron the 2 masted schooner was a kit by Model Tech, the instructions were not that great and it came with missing and damaged parts, good luck if you plan on picking one up.
Your post-processing is good, but it wouldn't work that well if your work on the boat was less excellent than it is. When she returns she will be fully loaded [Whats a lumber hooker without a load of lumber] and she will be flying her new 48 star American flag.

You can still imagine that this forested scene isn't too far from the edge of the dry belt that defines the town. Regarding this thread it will be here for a long time, but you can download the entire thread to your files if you would like.
The ruler pivots to open or close and is small enough to conveniently fit in a shirt pocket. The rust effect was easy to do I just took some rust coloured paint and a small brush and just painted some streaks running down.

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