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Build all of Aschi's Plans without expensive wood working tools - basic tools required only! Detailed drawings and photos makes this plan one of our easiest plans to enjoy from novice to experienced builders.
Every railyard uses them, general purpose utility carts to do the heavy carrying and dirty work. This exclusive 15 page Aschi's Workshop plan, shows you an easy way to build interiors for each of the cars.
Being a Junior Series, this model is easy to build and would make a great desktop ornament in an office. Every steam train needs a coal tender, so Aschis naturally have a plan for the right one for your newly completed train.

These will have the added advantage of being made to stand up to the hard life of being a toy! Build as many wagons as you want and set a record in longest train model building - just don't forget the caboose.
You can quickly create a sturdy Coach Train which matches all other Junior Trains in size and style.
Includes 8 different wagons, box cars, trailers and a caboose.This 15 page plan is very easy to build and lets you create a model sturdy enough to stand up to the rigours of a child's play. Includes 3 different open gondola wagons, is very easy to build and lets you create a model sturdy enough to stand up to the rigours of a child's play.
So you can create a sensational scale model for display or a special toy for your dear child.

Based on the real stuff, the Ingot Moulds can be removed; Hot Metal Ladle can be tilted and also removed!
Constructed from one base, wagon for the logging train, small trees or big trees, wagon for all sorts of logging.
You will be able to build the engine and a series of carriages to transport and store toys .

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