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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. So I'm thinking about getting a static grass applicator and there are a few options, build your own (outlined in an MRH article and other places on the interweb), the Heki Flockstar the Noch Grass Master, and possibly others I'm not aware of. I was fortunate enough to attend Jim Elster's hands-on static grass clinic at the NMRA meet in Pittsburgh last month. Very easy to build yourself using a electric fly squasher ( sorry have no idea what else to call such a divice ), works just as good as the expensive ones, I honestly have no idea why the Noch one should cost that much, it can be built in China for about 5 dollars at the most, if they would sell it around 35-50 dollars no one would bother building one themselves, but hey i'm not in marketing.
I built one using the fly swatter handle - works pretty fair - but I think it might be better to just invite MassiveRalph tostop by my house!

Randy for what you are going to use it for and the amount of time with it does not constitute the price of the Noch, and the one from Micro-mark isn't any different from this home made one.
If just looking at him makes people's hair stand on end, imagine what he could do with flocking! Two years ago at Springfield I bough a Flockstar, I find the both very useful, on areas where you can't be tethered to power, which the Flockstar is, the Grass Master works better, but the Flockstar seams to have more power and really makes the grass stand up. I'm waiting for one of you all to try it first JaimeHave to admit, had it been around when I was looking to build mine I would have gotten one. The result I achieve is try and error, picking up some techniques used by Brandl, some of my own.

Became member of a group modelers who used Silflor grass mats for years and even they think now that a machine is worth the money.
At the end you have the module filled with grasses, still have a lot of fibers left and a machine to move on to your next module.Started 2 years ago with the Noch grassmaster and modified the thing a bit.

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