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Static grass applicators have been around for quite awhile now, but this is the first I've ever built one for myself. Introducing the New & (un)Improved Zap-O-Matic 3000 Instant Grassification Static Applicator!
I basically copied what he did with a few minor changes based on what parts I found at local stores. Oatley is based out of Australia, so it can take awhile for it to arrive in the US, however not knowing much about negative ion generators I stuck with what others had worked with.
The thing I first noticed was that the Ion Generator I got was larger than the one used for the CSX Dixie Line version, which meant it wouldn't actually fit inside the PVC pipe. Next I took the lid from the container and cut a hole out of the center, big enough to let as much grass through as it could but still leaving a lip around the sides to hold the window screen in.

Since my layout is sectional I use RCA jacks and cables between sections both for track power and as a 12V DC bus line for switch machines, lights, etc. Waiting for the negative ion generator to be shipped from Australia took the longest, once I had that it just took me one evenings work to assemble everything else. I don't know what happens if you get the wrong polarity going to the ion generator, but I didn't want to fry it or anything and have to wait for a new one to get shipped from Australia. Very nice tutorial,I've been thinkingabout building one of these but didn't know exactly what I needed now I do. I really like that dirt path cutting through the grass - what process did you use to bring those two elements together so well (the static grass and the dirt..), what did you lay down first?
Below are some images of a new static grass applicator my friend, John Klocker, put together.

Many modelers chose to fabricate their own static grass applicators with good success and significant cost savings. Norman - corn, one of my favorite foods (and humor) ;-) I wonder if all L&N-ers are as corny! The GreenWorks 40V cordless 2 –in1 string trimmer gives you gas comparable power and performance without the hassles, maintenance and mess of gas.

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