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Join our email list to receive our Weekly Ad, special promotions, coupons, fun project ideas and store news. This is a complete and ready to run HO scale electric train set of the Chattanooga Steam Train with operating smoke and headlights. The 2-8-0 steam engine was first developed in 1864-1865 to provide power for heavy trains running at moderate speeds, especially on steep grades.
Produced in near-scale proportions, the Rugged Rails 2-8-0 steam locomotive may be low-priced but it's still equipped with the same high quality components and features found in more expensive RailKing steam locomotives. The Lego 7722 Steam Cargo Train Set, was released in 1985, contains 495 pieces and includes 3 minifigures.
The Lego 7715 Push Along Passenger Steam Train is a more elaborate push along train sets from the past. The Lego 7715 Push Along Passenger Steam Train, was released in 1985, contains 449 pieces and includes 5 minifigures.
Anyway I know officially these don't fit on LEGO tracks but wondering if anyone had any success making some kind of custom track that does work?
Alexander Mitchell, the chief mechanic for the Lehigh and Maloney Railroad, an eastern Pennsylvania coal hauler, designed the original 2-8-0. Featuring a die-cast metal locomotive boiler and chassis and durable ABS tender, each 2-8-0 is equipped with the state-of-the-art Proto-Sound 3.0 system for an incredible operating experience.

The train set includes 495 pieces, and of those 495 pieces, it comes with three minifigures, four train wagons, and a whole set worth of track. What I mean by that is, back then, you could tell which one is a push along train set, from its simplicity and its lack of detail and tracks makes it easy to spot. The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) was the first to put the 2-8-0 type engine on the rails when they rebuilt a Baldwin flexible-beam engine to a 2-8-0 configuration. No other manufacturer gives you a locomotive with speed control, synchronized puffing smoke, remotely controlled Proto-Couplers or high quality digital sound at this low of a price. There is the main train engine that makes the set run, a battery box wagon that powers the main train engine, a flat storage wagon that hold oil drums, and a closed storage wagon for you packages. The a€?big kida€? train sets, the ones that run on electricity much like the 4.5 or 12 volt set, and uses tracks. For more than forty years, the 2-8-0 Consolidation was America's standard freight locomotive, working hard on virtually every railroad. You'll be amazed at how slowly and smoothly she runs - up and down grades and around corners with or without a load.
Besides the train wagons, the set also came with miniature vehicles, such as miniature forklift. Now when this set came along, it is a combination of the two, the detail and the ability to use tracks make it hard to see that this is indeed a push along train set.

And When you see her smoke, with each puff timed to the revolutions of the drivers, you'll know that you've just obtained the best value in model railroading. The fork lift has the same function of a real forklift, meaning that it can move packages up and down with ease, and if you need extra space, put it in the back!
It has everything that a electric train set would have, such as passengers, and the train platform. There is a small wagon that hooks onto the forklift so you wona€™t have to hold it all at one time. The set includes 449 pieces, and of those pieces are three train wagons, and five minifigures.
The first train wagon is the main train engine that you can push around and two passenger wagons that attach to each other with magnets.

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