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Completely prefabricated, each structural component of Sunway Homes is designed and engineered to be assembled like an erector set. The use of high tensile strength nuts and bolts and self drilling screws speeds assembly time, reducing labor costs.
The use of steel and state of the art structural engineering provides a higher strength and protection level to each Sunway Home owner. Stable construction budgets are easily achieved since structural steel is produced from an abundant supply of recycled scrap metal not subject to the erratic pricing fluctuations which have become commonplace in the lumber industry. Sunway Homes offers more than 350 architectural models, ranging from 1,000 to 8,000 square feet. Custom architectural and engineering services are readily available, at affordable prices, to Sunway Homes' builders and their customers.

Behind every successful business there are three things: a good idea, a good opportunity, and hard work to make things happen. The home building industry is changing very fast, and this represents an unprecedented opportunity for Sunway Homes Distributors. The North American Steel Framing Alliance, and the American Iron and Steel Institute projects that steel framing will capture 25% of the total housing market within the next five years.
The steel structures for that 425,000 homes will have a value of more than .seven billion dollars each year .
As an average, the steel structure represents one third of the total home construction cost, and a 2,100 Sq. As a Sunway Homes Distributor you will be able to transform your competitors in the home building business into your customers, by contracting for them the Home Steel Structures.

At Sunway Homes our main commitment is to provide all kind of assistance to our Distributors and Home Builders for the development of profitable businesses, avoiding all the unexpected expenses which commonly emerges in any new business. We will provide for your success the most complete and professional support available in our industry. He or She is in charge of the Distribution Network development in a Territory with approximately 5'000,000 inhabitants.
Finally, after centuries of wood home construction, steel structures are changing home building.

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