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Light Frame Homes, based in Brackenfell Cape Town, have been involved with light steel frame structures for over 5 years now. From roll-forming the steel reels through to the erection of the frames on site, LFH are able to service and clad the structure to meet and exceed requirements that have currently been set out in the SANS 204 Energy Efficiency code (currently still out for public comment). The double storey light frame steel unit was completed in just 9 weeks as compared to the 16 weeks for the conventional method of construction. Please indicate your region and we can put you in touch with certified builders in that particular region for pricing ext..
Price-wise LSF is not much cheaper than conventional (5-10% max) but from performance, insulation, ext.. Make contact with the Silverline Group, they offer franchise packages to prospective LSF builders.
Could You please get me in touch with a person near the Tokai (southern suburbs) area that could do this building for us. I am looking at building a Granny flat and a braai room and think that his might be an excellent solution.
Totally Concrete Conference is the African educational and networking platform for insights into the latest developments and technologies associated with the concrete and construction industry.
The target of major cement producer PPC to more than double the size of its business every ten years to retain its market share in Africa is based on the continent’s world-leading rate of urbanisation and the projection that the population of Africa will double by 2050.
Quite often, insulation within a building is compromised due to the allowance of air to escape or penetrate a cavity, so how should we address air leakage? Clotan Steel is a leading supplier of light steel frame housing South Africa, and with good reason. There are many benefits when using light steel frame homes South Africa for your building or construction project.
These are the main benefits of light steel frame homes South Africa, even though there are many more.
Clotan Steel is a leading supplier of light steel frame homes South Africa, and will supply you with the best quality steel products for your building or construction project. Contact the top light steel frame homes supplier in South Africa for the best steel products. Contact Clotan Steel today if you are interested in our light steel frame homes South Africa products. View our website for an extensive list of steel products available from Clotan Steel, including roofing material, lipped channel, flashing and rainwater goods and more. Steel framing was a natural choice of construction method, as it married the environmental and access requirements to the desired architectural aesthetic. This also allowed the subcontractor to essentially build the structure off-site, and bring in a steel “kit of parts” and simply assemble them on the site itself.

One of the main identifying features that advances this work beyond the scope of a simple modernist box is the floating stone wall. Thus we chose to turn the understanding of a solid wall on its head, to theoretically re-conceive what a wall actually is. They provide a turn-key solution for the home owner looking to benefit from advanced building methods utilising building materials that are able to provide high performance to their structures. From residential through to large-scale packaging facilities, LFH have an energetic team able to provide solutions from simple smaller structures through to multi-million rand facilities.
Both houses won national building awards as testament to the quality of construction shown with both house types.
Going back to the questions asked earlier, with regards to time and cost of construction – The light steel frame house took 40% quicker to build and with feedback 4 years later, the crew reckon they could cut that down to at least 50% of time-saving. There are certified builders per region on the website and you will have access to numerous with the Gauteng region.
The event is designed to address challenges, demands and opportunities including driving green initiatives and the entry of cement manufacturers into the marketplace. Once in place, the building can be enclosed, and internal finishes such as tiling and painting, can begin, much sooner than in a brick and mortar structure. There are many benefits of using light steel frame homes South Africa opposed to conventional building methods, when buying from a reputable steel product supplier. With over 30 years of experience in the steel products industry, Clotan Steel has grown into a one-stop steel supply shop. Construction time is also less when using steel frame homes South Africa, as the frames are erected in less time than traditional building techniques. Steel frame homes in South Africa are on the increase, and is quickly becoming the modern choice of building methods. With years of experience in the steel product manufacturing industry, we will supply you with the best products for your needs, and at the best prices. This steel-framed residence is located on the Westcliff Ridge in Johannesburg, South Africa. This 2 bedroom dwelling, nestled away in its wooded surroundings, is positioned just before the inception of a major sheer face of the Westcliff Ridge. Simply put, we wanted a structure that would touch the Ridge as lightly as possible combined with an elegant, timeless aesthetic that would allow us to use the steel elements not only as primary structural elements, but also as the primary architectural motif. Also, the steel members could be hand carried down to the site from smaller trucks parked further up the ridge, impacting the site significantly less than either masonry or concrete would have.
Many of the houses on the Westcliff Ridge and vicinity are famous for their use of native stone work in their facades, including works by architectural greats like Sir Herbert Baker. Thus, we chose to dispose of this concept of sturdiness and solidity that is inherent in the historical understanding of a wall, and do the exact opposite: create something that does not rely on the ground at all for its founding.

Internally, the light frame steel house was lined with gypsum boards with only the internal fireplace constructed in conventional brick masonry. Cost-wise, the saving was marginal, in the region of 5-10% “dependant on the skill level and competency of the contractor…” according to LFH. Best is to contact an accredited light steel frame contractor for assistance and comparisons. This affords the building a private, tranquil hiding place in the trees juxtaposed with a feeling of floating above the ridge combined with magnificent views of Johannesburg.
From an environmental perspective, access to the site is quite complex, having to traverse down a very long, narrow driveway through several people’s private properties, and half way down to the ridge to the site itself over an existing garden. By using steel, the only disruption to the ground and the Ridge was for the footings of the main structural steel columns, leaving the majority of the environment untouched. We wanted to continue in this tradition of using indigenous stone in our design and as such, we wanted included a wall made from stone harvested on the site itself. Externally Nutec Fibre cement flat sheets were used and flush painted to form a smooth external finish.
He quotes a recent research project carried out by the CSIR which indicates that a LSF building requires less than half of the energy needed to heat and cool an equivalent masonry residential building to comfortable internal temperatures.
Contact Clotan Steel today for more information about our light steel frame homes South Africa, or view our range of steel products available on our website. Because of this, we wanted to bring in as few construction vehicles as possible, especially large concrete trucks.
However, we wanted to give this wall a twist; something that would differentiate this wall from all other enclosures in Westcliff. OSB boards were used as backing to the 9mm Nutec flat sheets and also to provide a thermal break between the external and internal environment.
A timber staircase, designer kitchen layout, tiled flooring on the ground floor with carpet flooring upstairs, fitted with up-market finishes through out, the light steel frame house provides the occupant with consistent room temperature and style that remains contemporary even by today’s standards. Steel is unequalled in meeting tight construction schedules in any weather conditions, a smaller construction team is required, and because a limited amount of masonry work, if any, is required on site, LSFB ensures a cleaner and safer construction site.  The silky deep-grey exterior of the house was achieved using 60mm thick EPS (expanded polystyrene) lightweight cladding, fixed to a light steel framework. The expanded polystyrene is plastered with a special, colour-impregnated polymer plaster rendering.

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