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West Seattle Residence - by Lawrence Architects - combines steel, glass and concrete in a mix that's modern magic.
Rambla House is a weekend home located in Zapallar, Valparaiso Region, along the central coast of Chile about 175km from Santiago. Located in the hot climate of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, House Mecano was designed by Roblesarq to optimize passive cooling strategies through bio-climatic design.
This contemporary glass and steel home makes a modern addition to this wooded Shelter Island, New York setting.
Seattle architecture firm McClellan Architects designed this lake house as an ode to nature, but not in the usual country-cottage way. Flip House designed by Fougeron Architecture has certainly turned residential architecture on its head! Terraced onto three levels, A'tolan House is located on the eastern seaboard of Taiwan, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Built as a one-of-a-kind showpiece in 1956 to attract buyers to Eichler's new San Mateo subdivision, the X-100 was the subject of considerable media attention during the era, and reportedly hosted 150,000 visitors during its grand opening.
Structure: Steel-frame, post-and-beam house whose cantilever over a steep hillside is supported by a reinforced concrete structure buried in the hillside. Thorne designed this house for an executive of Bethlehem Steel, which was keen to promote steel in residential construction. True to his Northern California roots, however, the house has a woodsy feeling, thanks to its exterior redwood paneling, and wooden floors and deck.
Thorne and client Frank Norton did some of the work themselves, including installation of the steel frame.
Structure: Steel frame in-filled with ceramic-coated brick on the outside and walnut panels and plaster inside.
The house uses a steel cage in-filled with wood, and bravely cantilevers over a steep canyon.

But the steel posts and beams are proudly expressed inside and out, soaring through the house towards the view. Quincy Jones, the principal architect of the X-100, produced a simple, livable plan, with a concrete block street façade that protects private gardens, and a wall of glass opening to a pool. Thorne believed in using steel when it would accomplish what couldn't be done with other materials, or as elegantly or inexpensively with other materials.
In the front of the house, the beams taper at their ends to thin arrow points, a Thorne touch.
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