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Paal Frame’s exclusive H-section DOUBLE STUD used in wall framing provides superior high tensile strength. Did you know that the Paal roof truss and wall frame system has undergone full scale testing at the CSIRO Testing Laboratories for Building, Construction and Engineering in North Ryde, NSW. The exhaustive testing process, which included both wall frame and roof frame components, shows the company's commitment to product excellence. Inspired by modern architecture, the Tasman is a popular steel frame kit home for medium-sized families and is ideal for wide blocks with limited depth or for blocks where changes in elevation make part of the ground unsuitable for building.
One of the most popular features of the Tasman is its open floor plan, which makes the home feel remarkably spacious and allows families to interact while still spreading throughout the home.
The Tasman features four bedrooms and is designed to make the master suite as private as possible. To learn more about the Tasman, including what customisation options are available, contact PAAL Kit Homes today!
Paal are Australiaa€™s leading manufacturer of modern steel frame, architect inspired kit homes, specifically designed for the Owner Builder and the Owner Manager.
All Paal Kit Home designs are flexible, and give you the freedom of choosing, and building, the features of your new kit home. The unique Paal a€?building by numbersa€™ system makes it easy to manage your own kit homes building project, you are in charge and you have the full backup of our technical support team at all times during construction. Paal Kit Homes are the most technically advanced steel framed homes in Australia, proven over forty six years and tested for superior steel frame strength by the CSIRO.
When it comes to owner building a kit home, PAAL gives you choice - you can either build it yourself or contract manage the building from start to finish. Visit our display centres in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and experience the Paal Kit Home difference.
The Steel Framing Company now have on offer a top quality class 1 steel frame liveable shed kit for Sunshine Coast.

TSFC offer you an innovative design eliminating the need for roof battens and ceiling battens. TSFC also have options to upsize and customise your shed with fibre cement cladding, windows, personal access doors and sliding glass doors to make it a comfortable dwelling. Budget home kits - america's #1 choice in diy steel homes, Budget home kits™ specializes in easy-to-assemble steel frame houses.
To see the finished product, you can go to our Online Toursand explore these completed PAAL kit homes. Guest suite with private bathroom and walk-in closet, 2 secondary bedrooms, full bathroom, family room, mezzanine.
A recent Open House held by Paal Kit Homes at Cedar Creek, Queensland, saw people come from afar to view the home built by retired plumber Brian Hart and his wife Cheryl. This beautifully presented residence attracted a lot of favourable comments from the numerous visitors. The Harts built a traditional Queenslander based on Paal’s Kiama design, with modifications that included an enlarged verandah and a double set of steps in front. Cheryl has design talents and created many of the home’s beautiful finishes, both inside and outside. Brian employed carpenter friends to give him a hand with construction, all of them wood chippies who hadn’t worked with a steel frame. Brian didn’t need the plumbing and electrical inclusions in the kit, as his mates provided those. Perth is a vibrant and modern city sitting between the cerulean Indian Ocean and the ancient Darling Ranges. Double glazing has now become a thing of the past with new laminated glass options becoming available.
Laminated glass has been developed to maximise transparency, solar control performance, noise levels and high fire levels.

The home's frontage is 25.4 metres, and its total area under the roof is 241 square metres.
The U-shaped dining area separates the formal and casual sections of the living area, and one bench can used as a breakfast bar. This spacious room opens from the lounge and has a large walk-in wardrobe with an adjoining bathroom.
This not only makes for a pleasant gathering place but also protects the façade of the home and reduces energy costs by diminishing the amount of direct sunlight that enters the home. Paal offers a range of kit home design options: you can for instance add a free standing or attached garage, an alfresco outdoor entertaining area, verandahs or a T-shaped extension, alter the kitchen layout, or upgrade to a Cathedral Ceiling. It is the fourth largest city in Australia, with a population of around 1.5 million peaple.
Western Australia is adored for its brilliant blue skies, warm sunny climate and white sandy beaches. A large cloak closet opens from the family room, making it easy to keep the family's coats and personal belongings neatly organised.
This design gives parents the ability to retire for the evening and enjoy the quiet of one another's company while the children slumber in the opposite end of the home. A laundry area is also included in the floor plan and is conveniently positioned adjacent to the casual dining area. Although the home floor plan does not include a garage, a one-car, two-car or freestanding garage can be easily be added.

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