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Happy Trailer Rentals is your one-stop shop for boat trailer rentals and boat storage in Miami, Florida. Happy Trailer Rentals is conveniently located a few blocks east of I-95 and 1.5 miles west of the Pelican Harbor Boat Ramp in Miami, Florida. Whether you're looking to rent a boat trailer, boat trailer parts, boat storage, or just need some bags of ice on your way to the boat ramp- Happy Trailer Rentals provides it all to you.
We also have other equipment (enclosed trailers, trailer beds, hitches, etc) available upon request, and we can transfer any item from any other Uhaul dealership to our site and have it ready for you when you need it. Call us at (727) 787-7991 for an instant quote or to ask specific questions or make unusual equipment requests.You can also email us your request by filling in the information below.

You can have over 4000 square feet of storage space brought to your location and set up for a number of uses; dock space, mobile tool units, or immediate space needed in the warehouse.
NFI’s trailers undergo rigorous maintenance ensuring that they’re in excellent condition for when you need additional assets to accommodate surges.
With our rental and storage option, you can address these surges quickly and for only the time that you need the extra space. With our leasing options, you can add capacity to your fleet without the immense commitment of buying additional trailers. Each unit goes through a Quality Assurance Inspection so you can have the Peace of Mind the material on the trailer is secure.

Our trailers are located around North America and we can conveniently drop them off at your location.
Since NFI operates one of the largest fleets in North America, all of our trailers are well-maintained and are ready to move on day one.
We have a large inventory of Jet Ski and boat trailers for rent by the day or week- at the best prices in town.

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