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Just a block away from the LA Metro’s current Red Line, a luxury apartment building known as Metro 417 occupies a 1925 Renaissance Revival structure originally called the Subway Terminal Building. Passing through an unassuming door that separated the building’s upscale public areas from its less visited corners, the tour literally stepped back in time.
An arrow on the wall pointed the way to Hill Street station, the original terminus of the Pacific Electric Railway’s Hollywood Subway branch. But ridership peaked in 1944 and thereafter passenger numbers began to decline, fueled by competition from automobiles and an improved freeway system connecting the LA metro area. Whether this means the abandoned subway tunnels will be filled-in forever, or simply cocooned beneath the busy downtown, remains to be seen. It was here, several stories below street level, that Hill Street station served 65,000 commuters each day at its peak in the mid-1940s.
Ornate tiles lined the walls below a decaying ceiling that revealed its original craftsmanship above. Other signage, untouched for decades, identified tracks one and two, their rails long since removed.

The vast open space, empty since the 1950s, give way to a series of dark, damp tunnels that once catered to busy trains operating between the Westlake neighbourhood and downtown Los Angeles.
Nowadays, Pershing Square station on the LACMTA Red Line services the city’s downtown.
Descending further, a sub-floor left visitors in no doubt that the space they were in was an old subway station, similar in style to those found in New York City.
Other remnants of the Hollywood Subway, meanwhile, can be seen at Toluca Substation and Yard, a designated historic monument by the sealed entrance to the original Belmont Tunnel. You now that the kitchen backsplash with subway tiles is an extraordinary and popular approach to include wonderfulness and good job for your kitchen in a superbly reasonable manner. The point when redesigning the kitchen the expansion of a backsplash will help, you make a bright excellent kitchen you will like investing time in while cooking the good foods for your family and companions. This is a do it yourself venture that anybody can effortlessly manage without a mess of past experience.There are numerous home stores that offer classes for the individuals who need to institute kitchen tiles themselves.
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