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I was wondering if this was the same guy who did the Judgmental Map of Austin Neighborhoods a year or two ago, but it looks like someone else. You can kind of tell from the Minneapolis one where the person who made it has never set foot. I saw a variation of the Minneapolis one awhile back, which was rightly criticized for being pretty racist. Am I the only one who noticed that the northern Virginia map has quite a few gay groupings scattered throughout? Lots of self-hating upper class Republican closet cases and the military guys on their way to becoming self-hating upper class Republican closet cases that they love. My LA downtown neighborhood is allegedly drugs, which proves to me that the map maker has never been here.
Need some jeans, flat-pack furniture, a colander, and a weird cable for your home entertainment system? I propose DOGS RECEIVING MASSAGE for the section of Santa Monica right near Ocean Park, along the beach. Ideefixe: My LA downtown neighborhood is allegedly drugs, which proves to me that the map maker has never been here.
Though the fact that they put the NOBODY WHITE WALKS DOWN THIS STREET AT NIGHT over Evergreen Park is unintentionally hilarious. I live at the exact junction of Times Square, Almost, Sculpture Garden, and Needle Exchanges. In Nashville, I live in Strangely Normal, which is actually a hilarious way to describe my built-in-the-1950s, mostly-owned-by-original-owners-but-with-some-young-families neighborhood which is sandwiched between an interstate and an economically depressed strip mall-laden four-lane surface road which is largely used to get downtown (and which is labeled Traffic).
The area immediately north of us labeled Southern Pride is where the state fairgrounds are, so that's pretty good, although it could also have accurately been described as Cemeteries And Weird Antique Stores.

The only thing that really, really bothers me about the LA map is the huge swathe of territory just labeled MEXICO.
I’m just reminded of an incident last year, when my brother went searching for information on a shooting in his neighborhood and stumbled upon a message board filled with teenage gang members talking shit about gang’s neighborhoods.
Actually, the way things work around here the Milwaukee map would just say: "Scary, KEEP OUT!!! It always amazes me that people clicking on a blatantly stereotypically-themed link are astounded and offended to see stereotypical things when they get there.
You know, people are often capable of reacting to stimuli without even considering how you might feel about their reaction.
Went to high school in Vienna, but grew up close toFair Oaks Mall, Reston Town Center, Airport. But today I was randomly looking at William Gibson's twitter (which is not a thing I normally do), and even in the small in-stream display, what should catch my eye but Old Hippies! The actor told TMZ afterwards that he saw a man and woman trying to figure out who he was, but the guy used the N-word while referring to him. Major Attractions and Locations:World Trade Center Site, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, Javits Convention Center, Madison Square Garden, Penn Station, Grand Central Station, NYC Public Library, Empire State Building, U. That's actually Rose Hill, it's a neighborhood with older single story homes from the 1960s-1970s. I know the whole point is that this is supposed to be mean-spirited (judgmental maps!), but I'm not sure if it's always mean-spirited and funny.
We didn't live in Highest Gunshot Risk or Somewhat Less Scary Area, we were on the other side of the 91!
And the Weird Mall really is a weird mall, which ought to have died out except Vanderbilt has satellite offices there.

East Los Angeles used to be much more diverse than it is today; in fact I'm pretty sure that it was at one time the general entry point for any immigrant group. I've seen photos from Japanese internment camps during WW2 with teenagers wearing letterman sweaters from my neighborhood high school. If you're really that scared of brown people or youngsters with ink and piercings in your grocery store, it says something about (generic) you and not me. I’m just imagining that theirs would be the opposite judgmental map – super detailed and filled with in-jokes for half of the map, and the other half just being like ‘whatever, white people’. We called ourselves Herndon but weren't Herndon (or Reston) at all - town now has a different name. Coleman, best known for his work as Tyreese on The Walking Dead, was caught on camera while screaming at passengers on a New York City subway train on Friday (May 1). I love how the passengers are just sitting and standing there like this is just another normal day on the NYC subway. I don't know as many details about other groups -- and is there even a large Serbian population in SoCal? In Alexandria, it's pretty much the same as when I was a kid, except that the apartment complexes are always changing their names, and it's gotten more expensive, and sometimes a government contractor or agency or something will plop down an enormous building and send a bunch more traffic spilling in (e.g.

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