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Clutch Magazine Online posted an article by The Frisky entitled 21 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Riding Public Transportation. What you should do instead: A lot of men seem to think that their junk deserves its own seat when there are people standing. Commuter offense #19: Talking really loud on your cellphone, especially about private topics.
What you should do instead: It makes other people feel secondhand embarrassment to hear your personal biz, so wait until you’ve arrived at your final destination to talk to your best friend about your spastic colon. The TTC is considering hiring a contractor to bring cell-phone service to subway platforms, as we learned earlier this week. It doesn’t hurt that this proposal will be easy for Toronto politicians to like, at least from a financial standpoint. Obvious, but important: There will no longer be any need to leave a subway platform in order to fire off some kind of urgent message. Similarly, the TTC might be able to push out its own service alerts to subway riders’ smartphones. If anything terrible happens on a subway platform late at night, we’ll no longer have to pray that those little wall-mounted intercom things actually work.
Torontonians will have one fewer excuse to continue travelling in cars when it’s not absolutely necessary. The contractor will have to negotiate with carriers individually, meaning some cell phones may not work on platforms even after the whole system is up and running. The risk of terrorism on the TTC may increase slightly, because cell phones can be used to activate explosives.
People talking on cell phones may be less aware of their surroundings, which could lead to subway-related injuries.

Geared for low-income students, the proposal consolidates and simplifies existing OSAP grants and programs.
As a native New Yorker who often used subways and buses to get around the city, I would whole-heartedly agree with a few of the listed offenses and suggestions. I don’t enjoy being subjected to what sounds like a re-enactment of your own personal Korean drama in the making.
Squeezing into a seat that’s too small for your body when there are no other seating options? If you have to hold the back of your skirt down when going up the stairs to exit the train station, then your skirt is too damn short. The prospective provider of all the equipment, Broadcast Australia Pty Ltd., would actually be paying the commission $25 million over 20 years. Commuters will never again need to choose between being late for a meeting, or making themselves even later by dashing up to surface level to call and make an excuse.
Smartphone users will know exactly how fast they need to jog up escalators in order to make their surface connections. I know this is the land of kimchi, but do you have to smell like you bathed in garlic and fermented cabbage first thing in the morning? How many times have I collided with someone on the platform because they were too busy texting or watching TV on their phone to notice that other people were also trying to navigate in the same crowded space as them? I once watched horrified as a halmoni (grandma) split a plastic bag and sat on the floor upon seeing a packed train. I have heard stories of ajumas throwing their bags onto empty seats so that nobody else can sit in them first.
The idea is for the company to make back its money by charging cell carriers for access to the network.

When your choices are standing up for a very long, crowded ride, or sitting on the edge of your seat in a tight spot – always choose sitting. It’s crowded and the doors will only be open for a few seconds before the train takes off without you (or with your bag stuck in tow).
Despite what your boyfriend may have said, no one else wants to be that close to your vagina.
Furthermore, I don’t enjoy listening to you drunkenly scream at whoever else is on the other line. Stop burping that makgeolli and soju-infested, BBQ, kimchi combination extra long and strong into the public breathing space. Since my Mama raised me to have manners, I immediately got up and helped granny to my seat – much to the delight of some older Korean gentlemen who watched the whole scene go down in utter disgust at the disrespectful youth in the car with us.
To help you in this process, you should tap your card out before you get to your stop so you can brace yourself for the jump off. Use the side that everyone else is using to enter and leave us folks who are exiting to do so on the other side of the doorway. Moral: Get your ass up if you see a grandparent, pregnant woman, or person with young children boarding the train without seats!

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