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Howard Nielsen, owner of Sticky Lips BBQ, is currently in the process of renovating the 33,000 square foot building at the corner of Culver and Atlantic. Hello, my name is Howard Nielsen, founder and owner of two Sticky Lips BBQ restaurants in Rochester, NY.
I am proud to be back in the city where my immigrant grandmother Anna Koener settled, after coming through Ellis Island by herself, with 40 cents in her pocket, just before the start of World War I. Prior to her arrival, she paid for and enrolled in the prestigious Heitz cooking school in Vienna, Austria.
She worked hard, saved her money and by 1917, she was leasing a building, a boarding house at 311 West 30th Street. As a young person, these are the stories I heard that inspired me to have a strong work ethic.
At last week’s public hearings in Buffalo, I heard a lot of stories of fast food workers who said that they worked 26-28 hours per week at $8.75 an hour and could not make ends meet.
You see, even before our customer gets their meal, there are a lot of people who help in that process.
Because I have been successful and have hired more people, I am getting penalized for having over 50 full time employees.
How come nobody talks about how many small business people live under the national poverty level?
In my opinion, this issue speaks directly to the poor economic condition of New York State and the high tax structures that have New Yorkers leaving this state faster than any other in the country.
In 2015, we find ourselves in a situation whereby a fast food job is of such value that a family bread-winner relies on that job as their primary source of income. As for the unions who are going for the fast food worker… has there been mention of weekly union dues that will be taken from this new wage? The businesses that will survive these major wage hikes will do so by spending heavily in technology and reducing their work force.
Don’t get me wrong, I would love to pay all my workers $20 per hour with full health insurance, but we all know that would not be sustainable unless the American public doesn’t mind paying 40 to 60% more for their goods and services. I beg of you to please keep the wage increases at a rate that both businesses and consumers can adjust to.
The first business on the Atlantic side of Photo City Junction is now open; a mircrobrewery called The Lost Borough.
Does he not know how to adjust his business model to handle new cost of business increases? According to experts, single women looking for a happy, secure boyfriend should look for a man with a sister or sisters. Pro Tip: When surprising your son or daughter at college, make sure you know their correct dorm room number. After waking up from an operation, and still hopped up on anesthesia, this kid tells his mom that he and "his boy, Rocco" killed people in Dubai. Cheering and shouting "World Star, baby," passengers aboard an NYC subway train were videotaped in November encouraging three young men to punch and kick a stranger who was hospitalized with injuries. Either way, the highlights make ideal video for World Star Hip Hop, which is a YouTube-like video website where users submit amateur videos that are then selected by the site's staff for publication. Another egregious example occurred Saturday in Atlanta, where two of the teens accused of beating a young man they perceived to be gay had video cameras rolling during the alleged attack, which was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop and other websites that alerted police and prompted a federal investigation. Such violent videos, shot by amateurs witnessing or participating in fights, have triggered at least six criminal investigations since April 2011 and highlighted what at least one sociologist calls the normalization of violence.
But crime pays in most of these cases; the website nets about 500 million impressions a month, according to its founder, Lee "Q" O'Denat, who started the site as a way to share lesser-known rap music but now envisions a World Star media empire. That reality focuses on the street events to which O'Denat says his audience can relate, including crime. Endera, the New York subway victim, was punched in the face and kicked in the stomach for close to two minutes without any intervention from other people on the train. Such reaction illustrates what researcher Jeff Ferrell calls the merging of "real-life fights and made-for-TV conflicts," which are becoming indistinguishable, especially to young people. Endera, 25, the subway victim, said he was disgusted by the people who filmed the incident.

Similarly, a video from New Year's Eve in Toronto shows a crowded McDonald's restaurant cheering "World Star Hip Hop" moments before a young man punches and kicks a pregnant woman who had been yelling at the restaurant's staff. The theme is common in many of the fight videos, where bystanders egg on attackers and yell "World Star Hip Hop" as the incident is ongoing, as if the purpose of the violence were to make it onto the website. Ferrell says that's precisely what's happening, with young people becoming so desensitized to violence through other media, including TV, video games, and movies, that they don't think much of it to videotape violence themselves when they see it. O'Denat said he thinks it's stupid that viewers of his website would make or film a fight in order to get on the website, but can't be held responsible for those who do.
O'Denat said the site cooperates with anyone who wants a video of themselves removed from the site, and emphasizes that the website labels its risque videos with a warning before viewers can watch.
World Star's founder and its attorney defended the website as something akin to journalism, with general counsel Jennifer Granick going so far as to say it roughly equivalent to the New York Times and ABC News reporting on crime and news in the world.
A Florida sheriff's department agreed, saying that they were able to arrest a father heard cheering on his fighting son in a World Star video, by watching the video and identifying witnesses in it. O'Brien and Carter said they now have specially trained staff that monitors videos such as these. Ferrell agrees, noting that the website is just part of a violence-saturated media culture, which results in kids growing up thinking that fights are an acceptable form of entertainment. O'Denat, an innovative entrepreneur who has always been ahead of the business curve, knows a good commodity when he sees it. The Final Four of the NCAA Tournament is set with Oklahoma, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Syracuse.
We toldya Fogle was recently beaten up by another prisoner named Steven Nigg, leaving the former-sandwich-spokesman scratched, swollen, and bloody.
Well, someone at the Federal Correctional Institution Englewood in Colorado must be a fan of Shakespearean tragedy, because they sentenced him to a dark, ironic job in prison.
However, this wicked joke was reportedly lost on his fellow prisoners who thought he was getting celebrity treatment for what is, in the prison world, a comfortable position. He says his concerns for New York State’s proposed minimum wage increase led him to represent business owners like himself. I have been self-employed for 33 consecutive years, starting a pizza shop when I was 21 years old. I ask how many people in this room ever took their life savings and produced a job, or ever had a weekly payroll to meet?
At the age of 14, the oldest of 10 children, her father was killed in an accident as the family had to be split up. You can thank the Affordable Health Care Act for making 30 hours the new full time work week.
There is the host, the server, the expo, the food runner, the dishwasher, the managers, the chef, the line cooks, the busser, the food prep, and the morning cleaners. Now in 2015 and 2016, due to historic labor law changes, new taxes, health care mandates and these new big minimum wage increases, we will again see more consumer price increases. The tipped service workers’ minimum wage increase from $5 to $7.50 will take $178,000 from my bottom line. In NY State, we were all too willing to extend unemployment benefits from 26 weeks up to 2 years during the last recession. And that’s only the half of it, since there has been at least another dozen labor law changes that also nickel-dimes small business. A short 20 years ago, that same breadwinner, the same people in this room, would be working at a large profile employer.
Did government mandates and laws push costs up so high that businesses moved to more friendly states or overseas?
If that’s the case, let’s be honest with the American people and let them know that consumer pricing has to go up in order to bring everybody’s wages up to these historic minimum wage levels.
Photo City Improv & Comedy Club is scheduled to open this July 16, followed by The Pink Flamingo Restaurant. The Arizona student, who attended Red Mountain High School, exposed his genitals in his high schoola€™s varsity football team photo after being dared to do so by a teammate. The company would not disclose how much it is worth, but O'Denat said it charges anywhere from $650 to $2,500 to post music videos and party promotion videos.

Indeed, the young women recording the incident can be heard laughing and discussing the video. Christine O'Brien, spokeswoman of the Philadelphia Police Department, said World Star and similar sites have helped detectives zero in on suspects quickly just from watching the videos.
While crime has actually gone down in the past 15 years, the media's widespread portrayal of it makes it seem like it's more pervasive, he said.
In the future, he hopes to create a media empire, including original programming, shows and signed artists with the same World Star sensibility.
Campus Insiders Jordan Cornette ranks the four remaining and breaks down their strengths heading into Saturday.
As you might imagine for a high-profile inmate convicted of sexual crimes against minors, reports of Fogle’s time in prison have been pretty horrible. And rumors were flying around that the weight loss celebrity had gained 30 pounds in prison since being sentenced in January. I have employed over 3000 people and currently have over 180 full and part time employees on my staff. Considering that women didn’t even have the right to vote until 1920, this was quite a feat and it shows what the human spirit can achieve. Another mandate with intentions to help people, but actually hurting them by cutting their hours back. I am against big one-time wage increase jumps and more in favor of smaller, more gradual increases to the minimum wage. I’m worried that upstate NY cities have been reporting actual average wage decreases to the 2007 levels. We are talking about the potential of thousands of upstate and downstate NY businesses closing their doors.
The unions also have to share the responsibility of driving up business expenses to the point of not being able to compete. If his success is affected so much by state wage policy then he deserves to go out of business. The photo was then published in the schoola€™s yearbook a€” somehow without a single person noticing.
They solved one such crime in early January, when a man was jumped, beaten and robbed while waiting for a subway. At least now he can definitively tell the world if the prison-food-only diet is worse than the Subway-only diet.
As for the people who come up with these humanitarian ideas, they have very little knowledge of business economics. Taking your family and friends out to a restaurant is one of those simple pleasures that we Americans love to do after a long work week.
If these mandates go through, this could be the perfect storm for government mandated inflation to thrive.
If the fast food minimum wage goes to $15.00 per hour, and then as we all know, the next movement will be for everyone else to get $15 an hour. I and others I know already boycott his businesses because of the way he treats his employees. We're not creating it, we're displaying what's going on in today's world," O'Denat said in an interview about his website. If I'm standing 5 feet from a kid fighting and instead of intervening I'm thinking of a camera angle, in that moment, it's already been abstracted.
The incident was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop, and detectives made an arrest in the case four days later.

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