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A New York construction worker who became stuck up to his waist in mud while working on a local subway project Tuesday night was freed Wednesday morning after a rescue effort that took over four hours and involved over 100 rescue workers.
The Second Avenue Subway is a subway line with origins extending as far back as the first half of the 20th century, but the recent project began in 2007.
Crowds of onlookers and reporters gathered throughout the night to watch emergency responders rescue the subway worker from the 75-foot-deep tunnel. Kourtney Kardashian And Justin Bieber Still Dating As Scott Disick Hangs With Kendall And Kylie?
On December 13, 1986: Civil Rights activist Ella Baker, who worked behind-the-scenes for the NAACP, SCLC, and SNCC and whose career spanned five decades, died on her 83rd birthday in New York City.
24 Hours on the New York Subway By Brenden Gallagher Brenden Gallagher is a freelance writer and filmmaker in Los Angeles.
Follow him on Twitter and Google+ Share Tweet 0 0 An underground odyssey.
So with the blessing of Complex and a sack of oranges that I threw in a backpack to sustain me (I really should have gone grocery shopping that week), I hit up the MTA with a mission.
Visitors to New York, from grandparents to younger siblings, delight when local teenagers whip out their old beat-up boom boxes and start breaking on the subway. Groans rise from the crowd as the enterprising kids put on their show and pass their snapback caps around, hustling passengers for money. It could have been cat-astrophic, but these runway kittens still have all nine lives in tact after train authorities came to their rescue today.
DeKalb Avenue to Brighton Beach and Stillwell just after 11am and provided shuttle buses, according to NY Daily News. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Below you will find some information about the MTA Subway, how to get a metrocard, buses, & taxis.

Some trains are local trains which stop at every station along the route, others are express trains that only stop at the most popular destinations.  Check to make sure that the train your on stops at the place you want to go! There are weekend service changes ALL THE TIME.  Since you will be here on the weekend, check the MTA website for any delays so that you aren’t late and frustrated later.
Getting up and down town is easier than getting across town.  Sometimes the cross town buses can be faster, particularly up past 60th st. The project is intended to reduce the daily traffic on the IRT LExington Avenue Line, which alone carries more riders than the entire Washington Metro system, the second busiest system in the US. On an average day, I take the N Train from semi-suburban Astoria to a coffee shop or a bar, sometimes for a meeting or just to hang out with friends, and then I slide back home on the N, a little buzzed one way or the other. People tend to stay in their lane, giving each transit line its own particular character at any given time of day.
The crazy mix of letters, numbers, shapes and colors makes its map one of the most confusing ever devised.
The standard pop-lock moves that so impressed me when I first moved to New York have lost their appeal after the thousandth time. When two tiny felines were spotted frolicking on the train tracks near the Church Avenue station in Brooklyn about 11am, Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers turned off the power.Passengers on the B and Q lines were stranded for about two hours while police officers chased the cats down the tracks.
The New York Times reports that the worker was conscious and rushed to a hospital, most likely due to hypothermia. Though he was no longer in danger of drowning, according to New York Magazine, the pressure brought on by the tons of mud could affect circulation, causing blood clots and stopping blood flow. Each of the 21 interconnected lines (plus three shuttle lines) has its own distinct personality that crosses, merges, and mingles with other lines on the way to its final destination. Once in a while, I might get dragged down to Coney Island or a friend in Washington Heights will have a party, but my travels are usually limited to a line or two. The Journal also speculated the MTA's reaction was so extravagant after it was forced to explain why a dead shark was found on an N train at Queens Plaza earlier this month. Sure, the tracks connect in Midtown, in the Village, at the Barclay’s Center, but they soon diverge again into their own discrete worlds.

Yet even on a Friday, they aren’t as aggressive about it as you would expect New Yorkers to be.
The dress code is noticably different now—a bit more chill, if not downright scruffy. By midnight, at least two firefighters were sent to the hospital with injuries sustained from the ordeal.
People generally act pretty cool; the only hints you get are occasional hungry glances toward the small slivers of seat peeking out between car railings and the folks already packed on the benches like sardines. As soon as we hit the next stop, the kids pile off the car, counting their profits as they rush off to their next performance. The worker somehow caught his foot in a frame used in the construction and sank into the mud.
Is there something to learn from riding over 600 miles of track that I didn’t already know from riding my own little slice of the MTA all the time?
When I first moved here, I remember trying to offer my seat to a middle-aged woman who stared me down and asked “What? A few more stops and we arrive in Flatbush, where dollar vans await just outside the station to whisk you to your final destination (you can’t do that in Park Slope).
Or would the whole thing just make me smell a little worse and add more shade to the already dark bags under my eyes?
Do I look that old?” I know this will be a long twenty-four hours, so I grab a seat and decide not to blow my stamina by trying to be a gentleman.

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