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Illustrator files are made with Adobe Illustrator CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6; if you work in an earlier, older version of Illustrator, I can export the file as a legacy format for you. The R179 contract, which originally consisted of 420 cars, was intended to replace the R44s, but due to structural integrity issues, their retirement has been facilitated by the rest of the R160 order.

Even more recently, the MTA has dropped the plan to order SIR cars, instead opting to first extend the operational life of the existing SIR R44 cars so that they will survive until at least 2015. Afterwards, modifications to the R46s will be made and they will be transferred to the SIR. The order is to be broken down into a base order of 290 cars (total of the remaining R32s and R42s), which is expected to be awarded in January 2011 and an option of 50 cars which is expected to be exercised in August 2012.

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