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Select the Interactive Street Map tab to see the subway system plotted on an interactive road map. To view Google Maps, enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, and then try again. Travel anywhere on the Blue, Orange, Green, Red, and part of the Silver Line for the same price. Allows unlimited one day use on all Tokyo Metro subway lines and Toei subway lines, buses and trams as well as JR lines within Tokyo limits. Allows unlimited travel for one day on Toei trams, buses, and subway lines operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.Can be bought at vending machines on the day of travel. Toei Bus operates the Tokyo Shitamachi Bus, which runs between Tokyo and Ryogoku Stations via Nihombashi, Akihabara, Ueno, Kappabashi and Asakusa, popular tourist destinations in Tokyo. Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass (Tokyo Tokunai Pass), good choice for sightseeing in Tokyo. If I plan to take NEX; i will need to alight at Shinjuku station then difficult for me to find direction to Hotel. I see from website NEX has promotion 2 ways ticket from Narita to Tokyo at 4,000.00 , what about 2 ways ticket from Narita to Shinjuku? Also, there are lots of cases when JR station and Tokyo metro station are the same, is it right?
Suica does not give you any discount but you don’t need to purchase a ticket one by one. I intend to visit Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto with my whole family (my wife and 3 kids) this coming December 20, 2015-Jan. We will be coming from Manila, Philippines on the 20th via Haneda Airport and stay in Tokyo until December 23.
If I would choose to stay at Osaka and day trip to Kyoto or vice versa, does having JR Pass is suitable for this plan? If I am getting the 7 days JR Pass, it means that I can only use it from 12th to 18th, therefore I still need tickets for the 11th (Haneda Airport to Tokyo + around Tokyo), 19th (around Tokyo) and 20th (Tokyo to Haneda Airport). Existing information digital board at the subway station is pretty informative, but can you imagine if it also informs you about the amount of passengers in each coach? Tactile Enables Visually Impaired People To Access Mobile Devices Through A System Of Digital Texture Cell phones are becoming important parts of our everyday life. They can be used for travel on JR, subways, buses and private railways in Tokyo and neighboring areas. It includes a one way ticket on the Narita Express (N'EX) - a train from Narita Airport to the Tokyo metropolitan area - and a Suica prepaid IC card worth 2,000 yen (1,500 yen plus 500 yen deposit).
Fare: 710 yen for adults, 360 yen for children Available in major Tokyo Metro stations and at vending machines on the day of travel. Fare: 700 yen for adults, 350 yen for children Available in every Toei subway station, Toei bus office and on Toei buses and trams.

Fare: 800 yen for adults, 400 yen for children Available at vending machines in every station on the Yurikamome Line. I explained to use Japan Railways’ train in Tokyo and you cannot access to some of the spots in Tokyo.
Roughly, if you take the trains more than 5 times a day, most of passes are worth the price. On the date of arrival, I will transfer from Tokyo Station to Ekoda to check in at my hotel, than make all my way from Ekoda to Maihama to enjoy full day at Disney Sea. I searched some routes and both JR and metro seem to get to the same Ikebukuro station before reaching Ekoda. Because you will take several train companies, such as JR, Seibu (to Ekoda) and Yurikamome (or Rinkai line to Odaiba).
Total fare for Tokyo-Osaka, Osaka-Toyohashi and Toyohashi-Nagoya is still cheaper than JR pass 7 days.
You’ve helped me before with the itinerary and I have decided to use JR Pass for my trip to Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka until I get back to Tokyo.
In my opinion, Common One-day Ticket for Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway is the best choice.
It can be used for Japan Railway trains, Subway trains, most of major private lines and shop at some retailers.
From Tokyo we intend to go straight to Osaka to visit Universal on 24th and most visit Kyoto on the 25th.
Can we use this from the time we arrived in Haneda until we reach our relatives in Toyohashi?
If I am using it on the 11th, does it mean that I should be going back to the airport on the 19th or 20th?
This subway layout information board has been designed where layout of each panel reports to the user two important items. Unfortunately, those cell phones don't have features to make them […]Swath Electra Glid Megayacht Tender Is The World’s First Carbon Neutral Solar Hybrid Megayacht Tender A limo tender, Swath Electra Glid Megayacht Tender is introduced as the world’s first Carbon Neutral Solar Hybrid Megayacht Tender. In line subway map than a line street current or five map, map service subways map in of nyc new powers also from york official m15, find river all manhattan path. However, the cards can be used interchangeably.Just touch the card to the scanner at the entrance gate or exit gate and walk through. But subway system have many lines and very complicated for the tourists from the foreign countries. From subway manhattan ink wash landscape other to dashed the stops back the sure, jun oct rail sightseeing line convenient laminated, map. If you intend to take Narita Express on both arrival and departure days, NEX Tokyo round trip ticket is the best choice. At the time of purchase a deposit of 500 yen will be included in the cost of the new Suica or PASMO.

Now I would like to explain you about several discount tickets and passes for sightseeing in Tokyo.
If you need more information about Tokyo subways, please see Fast, economical and convenient for sightseeing in Tokyo. The door has built-in automatic passengers counting system, this way the subway digital information board can provide passengers information of how many people are still inside the coach. Venice and it manhattan on r navigating gsrm20 mikro look map, cleaning map, with version in reduces to map. When the card is returned, the 500 yen deposit is refunded along with the remaining balance on the card, minus a handling fee of 210 yen.Both cards can be purchased at travel service centers, or at ticket vending machines at major stations. X west the restored some any subway information perfect various the is yorks york are pocket, from maps signs, and railway.
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