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At the beginning of the 20th century, Manhattan had a large elevated system dating from 1870 run by the Manhattan Elevated RR Co., one branch of which reached inot the Bronx. Instead, the so called Dual Contracts system was employed to draw together the IRT and BRT. In 1924 control over sorely needed new routes was returned to the city with the establishment of a Board of Transportation.
BOT control ended in 1953 with the creation of the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA).
The map doesn’t include the 63rd St line or the Archer Ave extension; when was it drawn? Quail specializes in track maps and diagrams of subways and commuter railroad systems from around the world. If you’re interested in track maps indicating ownership and electrification, you should visit Rich E. In this map the ocean appears as a watery zone, of equal breadth in every part, encircling the world. While centered precisely on Jerusalem, Paradise, in the Far East (top), is conceived in a somewhat exceptional manner.
The draftsmana€™s excessive regard for a literal interpretation of the Old and New Testaments explains the orbo-centric position of Jerusalem. The closest relation of the Psalter map is the Ebstorf, which is probably junior by at least half a century; but the former is remarkable for a number of old names which do not occur on the maps of either Ebstorf or Hereford maps.
The Psalter and Ebstorf maps also have a curiously similar treatment of the Caspian Rampart (otherwise Alexandera€™s Wall, the Hyrcanian Mountains, or Barrier of the Jews - some scholars believe that this feature is actually the reflection of a vague or confused reference to the Great Wall of China), shutting in the Gog-Magogs and other monsters of the North; but the Gates of Alexander are more clearly marked on the Psalter than anywhere else in this family of maps. With the Hereford map the textual correspondence is almost as noticeable as with the Ebstorf map; the difference in cartographic form are often probably mere arbitrary eccentricities of the designer.
Outside its own a€?familya€™, the Psalter map has some points of agreement both with Lambert of St.
In coloration, the Psalter map shows seas in green (except the Red Sea which is colored red), the rivers are blue, and the relief is represented by naturally colored lobed chains. The most luxurious medieval Psalters contain full-page illuminations before the text, and a series of illuminated initials within it; this Psalter has both. The fact that Jerusalem is in the center of the map, and the whole world is presided over at the top by Christ attended by angels, clearly shows that medieval people saw geography in terms of the biblical world, and Eartha€™s creation by God. It would be easy to assume, looking at a map like this, that medieval map-makers were ignorant or incapable of making maps that are a€?accuratea€™ in the modern sense, but this would be to overlook their purpose.

The Psalter can be dated from 1225 to 1262 or later: the year in which Richard of Chichester was made a saint. This page in an illuminated manuscript is one of the most important surviving examples of 13th century map-making.
Barber, Peter, a€?The Manuscript Legacy: Maps in the Department of Manuscripts,a€? The Map Collector, September 1984. Brincken, Anna-Dorothee van den, a€?Das geographische Weltbild um 1300,a€? in Peter Moraw (ed.), Das geographische Weltbild um 1300. Uhden, Richard, a€?Zur Herkunft und Systematik der mittelalterlichen Weltkarten,a€? Geographishe Zeitschrift 37 (1931), p. A zone of monstrous races runs along the southern coast of Africa.A  Among the monsters of this region are Dog-headed Folk and people with heads in various stages of aggressiveness, having either descended between their shoulders or else absorbed the entire trunk of the body.
In coloration, the Psalter map shows seas in green (except the Red Sea which is colored red), the rivers are blue, and the relief is represented by naturally colored lobed chains.A  The settlements are displayed as ocher triangles. Brooklyn had a large surface and elevated system operated by the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co (BRT). Construction of the dual system lines began in 1931- more than half the mileage being of elevated structure, embankment or open cut. The City of New York became a subway operator in 1932 when the municipally built Independent system (IND) was opened. I think I purchased it (many years ago of course) at the Transit Museum shop in downtown Brooklyn. The Psalms consist of 150 ancient songs, grouped together to form one of the Old Testament books of the Bible.
In addition, its map is a unique representation of the world, in an age when foreign travel was difficult and hazardous, and the art of map-making - in the modern sense - in its infancy. But within this overall structure, the map demonstrates an interest in more local places: the countries of the British Isles are discernable in the lower left quadrant, and despite the very limited space available one can make out rivers such as the Thames and Severn, and London is marked with a gold dot. A map such as this was not intended, like a modern atlas, to guide someone in their travels from one place to another, but to show important places in an overall scheme. It tells us much about 13th century English men and womena€™s knowledge of the world around them, and about their understanding of their place within it. The heads of Adam and Eve appear within the enclosure, which seems to be marked off with lofty and symmetrical mountains. Construction of the first subway began in 1900, and the Interborough Rapid Transit Co (IRT) commenced operation in 1904.

In the Middle Ages (and down to the present day) they formed a fundamental part of Christian and Jewish worship, for ecclesiastics and lay-people alike; many people learned to read by being taught the Psalms. In fact medieval people knew that the world was not flat: a 13th century encyclopedia compares the way in which humans can walk around the surface of the globe to the way in which a fly can walk around an apple without falling off when it is upside-down at the bottom. The distortion of a€?reala€™ geography can be compared to the way in which modern maps of city subway systems - such as Harry Becka€™s London Underground map - radically re-arrange distances and placements to make a more comprehensible diagram.
Other saints in the calendar (such as the relatively obscure St Erkenwald, a seventh-century bishop of London) indicate that the book was probably made in London, and this is supported by the style of the illumination.
The BRT went into receivership in 1918 which ended in 192 when it was renamed and reorganized as the Brooklyn Manhattan Transit Corp (BMT). Control of the NYCTA passed to the new Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in 1968. The Psalms were often written out separately from the rest of the Bible, often preceded by a calendar of the Churcha€™s feast-days, and followed by various types of prayers; such a book is known as a Psalter.
Despite this, the world was conventionally represented as a flat circle, oriented with the East at the top (a€?to orienta€™ something literally means to make it face east).
It has also been proposed that the map is a miniature version of one that is known to have been painted on the wall of the Kinga€™s bed-chamber in the Palace of Westminster. The upper part of the circle is occupied by Asia, and the lower half divided into two quarters for Europe and Africa. An essay in illustration of the Hereford Mappa Mundi (Amsterdam: Meridian, 1969), Introduction.
An essay in illustration of the Hereford Mappa Mundi (Amsterdam: Meridian), 1969, Introduction, description of map nr 7.
This plan specified a larger load gauge than used on the IRT to allow interchange with main line railroad equipment. Although not adopted, the Triboro plan produced the two different size specifications which to this day prevents total interchangeability between lines.

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