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Roberts, who has designed nearly a dozen unofficial MTA maps, incorporated into his most recent creation many of Vignelli’s signature elements, including geometrically shaped boroughs, tightly kerned Helvetic font, and side-by-side straight lines.
The biggest gripe with Vignelli’s 1972 map was that station locations and line trajectories were not aligned with reality.
But what many riders may not know is that in 1972, a man named Massimo Vignelli was commissioned by the city to create a very different version of this map, immediately sparking controversy for its geometric simplicity and geographical inaccuracy.

But, Roberts feels his version more accurately represents the subway routes and surrounding landscape.
At the very least, we’ll never stare at that subway map the same again on our commute to work! In 1979, Vignelli’s map was replaced with a more organic, curving version like we see underground today.

He also veered from Vignelli’s 45-degree angles, citing that in New York the paths are typically steeper or shallower, and incorporated 30- and 60-degree angles.

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