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That map still adorns the walls of my little teeny NYC apartment, and one day last month it occurred to me that it might be interesting to draw transit maps using the design elements of other transit systems. Edit 2 – I actually remember the name of the person who I exchanged letters with at WMATA when I was 10 years old. Gene Sansone as he is known today spent at least 30 years of his career in the Car Equipment Department of NYCT of the MTA. As one who is new to NYC I have often chosen to just stay home because I can’t figure out the subway map.
They also used thin lines for parts of the system that were completely elevated, because they wanted to emphasize the subways and de-emphasize the Els. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wash DC got the inspiration for their map from our old ones. In order to accommodate ever-growing rail traffic into the restricted Midtown area, William J.
Arriving trains would go underground under Park Avenue, and proceed to an upper-level incoming station if they were mainline trains, or to a lower-level platform if they were suburban trains. Cartographer Jake Coolidge's take on a full-scale Bay Area rapid transit would greatly increase mobility in the region.

A map by Elvin Wong would extend several Boston lines and create State Street Common, a hub made from four stations in downtown Boston. The imaginative Freshwater Rail website provides detailed train and bus schedules for southeast Michigan. Before its citizens voted down a ballot measure, Cincinnati could have had a transit network that looked like this. Elvin Wong takes some creative liberties here but presents transit connections between San Jose and major cities in Silicon Valley.
A slightly different take on expanding Bay Area transit comes from Yonah Freemark, who envisions a heavy rail line running through the western East Bay that connects through the Transbay Terminal and then northern San Francisco. Though the L serves many parts of Chicago, it could always be improved, such as with this fantasy transit take from Craighton Berman.
I want to give a special thanks to Cameron Booth and his great tumblr blog on transit maps. That part I never liked, especially when Els that were part of the subway we’re drawn as if they were subways.
To be useful, it would have to show express stations in some way, maybe a square symbol instead of the circle.

Wilgus, chief engineer of the New York Central Railroad took advantage of the recent electrification technology to propose a novel scheme: a bi-level station below ground.
In addition, turning loops within the station itself obviated complicated switching moves to bring back the trains to the coach yards for servicing.
The only difference was that colts were chosen by division or company, IRT, BMT, or IND, instead of by trunk line. Then the problem arises of stations like Columbus Circle that are express on one line and local on another. But that should be solvable, and if it adds a bit more clutter, the overall reduction of clutter would still be huge. There are still distinctions to be made between 3-track and 4-track express stations, and other part-time usages.

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