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The New York subway system, inundated by Sandy's storm surge, began partial service Thursday. Passengers exit a downtown-bound, west side subway train in New York's Times Square, Thursday, Nov. New York — Along with restoring electrical power, getting the nation’s largest subway system back up and running at full speed is crucial to New York City’s recovery from superstorm Sandy.
Major segments of the subway system’s 830 miles of track were still inundated Thursday with water that Sandy’s storm surge had pushed into the tunnels.
That means that New York, a major center of commerce, was still operating at well below its normal speed, with many workers still unable to get to their jobs. New York’s public transit system differs from many throughout the world in that it charges a flat fare rather than a charge by distance. New York is an immensely walkable city, and hoofing it provides the added bonus of sightseeing as you go.
My general rule, given bearable weather conditions (anything but raining or freezing): If the subway journey is two stops or fewer, always walk. That number will obviously go up on the local lines that stop every few blocks—or depending on your energy level. You get to the card kiosk and the big dilemma hits: Do you pay as you go or purchase an unlimited card? The MTA’s website is quite helpful when it comes to figuring out which card to purchase.
Another part of the new fare increases is a standard $1 surcharge for every new card purchased.

About the author: Suzanne Russo thinks of herself as equal parts California Girl and New Yorker. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Electrical equipment, such as signals that tell subway operators what speed to travel, not to mention the third rail that carries high voltage electricity to the cars, are submerged in corrosive salt water.
The bright side, though, is that public transit still costs far less (and is often quicker, given traffic) than cabbing it everywhere. Yes, it has its flaws, but on the whole New York’s subway system is a wonder—extensive, reliable (for the most part) and affordable, even with the fare hikes.
And at $2.50 a ride, regardless of distance traveled, they are among the cheapest transit fares worldwide. For example, instead of taking the train a few stops from Union Square to Soho, you can take a nice stroll stopping to watch some street performers in Washington Square Park and cruising through the adorable streets of the West Village along the way.
She moved from San Francisco to New York four years ago to pursue her MA in English, and her obsession with all things New York life and history hasn’t dwindled yet. New York City moved closer to resuming its frenetic pace by getting back its vital subways Thursday, three days after superstorm Sandy. When I went to renew my 30-day MetroCard, the usual $104 fare had gone up to $112, as part of the subway and bus fare increases that went into effect on March 3, 2013. This means that long distances are an especially good value, but short distances are best avoided. The journey, not much longer than the train would take, becomes half the fun, and you avoid waiting on the subway platform and crushing into a crowded car.

Conversely, a seven-day MetroCard costs $30 and is good for unlimited rides on the subway and non-express buses. She is a freelance writer, director of the San Francisco-sponsored, New York literary pub crawl, Lit Crawl, and constant wanderer. While some service was restored within a week, it was a full year, he says, before the system was back at full capacity.“That was fresh water,” recalls Mulhern in an interview.
Then, Mulhern says, the system will have to be power washed with fresh water.“Then you have to step back and ask what has been damaged and must be replaced,” he says.
Waters, who was second in command at the Maryland Transit Administration in Baltimore, says she found that the manufacturers of some of the equipment Maryland used had gone out of business. However, he says the MBTA had to scale back the number of trains it could run at any given time.
The trains also ran slower.“When it was finally up and running it was initially far less service than commuters were used to,” says Mulhern.
I think it will be a long time before New York’s services are back to normal.”Not only is it time-consuming to rebuild the transit system, it is expensive. It is likely Congress will have to authorize the funding.“I know the president has talked about cutting through all the red tape,” he says.
Chuck Schumer said FEMA, which is part of DHS, had told him it was going to reimburse New York at the rate of 100 percent of emergency transportation funds as well as cover the cost of restoring power.

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