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Riders on The NYC Subway lines should be aware that bed bugs are spotted on as many as dozens on NYC subway lines.
John Wolf, well known Manhattan, NY Dentist, arrested under charges of possessions of child pornography, meth and countless hideous crimes!
This guy clearly watched too much back to the future and thought he can drive through walls!
Man Had a Little Too Much To Drink, Went On A Bumper Car Rampage at Parking Lot (Scott Garden, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia)! 16 dead and at least 11 injured in South Korea after a they fell into a grate at a K-pop concert! Highly resistant Super Sex Bug Found in Australia and New Zealand, putting doctors on High Alert!

USA TERROR ALERT: Three men arrested in Brooklyn after plan to join ISIS and attack on America foiled by Police!
Do you spend a crazy amount of time staring into the depths of your closet each morning, willing the perfect outfit to reveal itself? There's a ton of financial advice out there, but sometimes it's hard to tell the good from the bad.
In a gesture of solidarity, we photoshopped Hillary into the various complex swiping situations that CU students encounter every day. Tags: 30 Rock is so applicable here, Like anyone at Columbia is all that 'authentic', Normaling, Real question: what's up with the EC swiping system?, These actually look kind of believable?, Who's gonna be the dumbass to ask when Hil was on campus? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

So we went straight to an expert — Harvard dropout-turned-super-successful entrepreneur Alexa von Tobel — to answer one of your most stressful and specific money Qs. She reminded us of the hopeless Columbia souls who still can’t figure out how to properly swipe their CUIDs.

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