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An adult woman with luggage sitting in the Brookly bound (downtown) A train subway in Manhattan, the door closing and train about to depart the station. All boys in NYC love riding the subway — and what they love even more are those little wooden train cars. About UsOur two boys sleep through the night, but these labor-of-love design projects are why we don’t. A dead shark was found on the Queens-bound N train by passengers, resulting in the car being evacuated in order to dispose of the fish out of water.

Riders were ordered off the train car at Queensboro Plaza before the train traveled to the end of the line and the shark carcass was put in a garbage bag and placed in the trash. Some passengers began posing with the shark, adding props like a soda can and a cigarette to the animal, one subway rider told CNN. It’s illegal to own a sand shark as a pet or transport it on a train in New York unless it’s in a tank or container. The shark’s mysterious appearance on the train coincides with the popular “Shark Week” on Discovery Channel, leading to conspiracy theories from people posting on the hashtag #sharkweek that it was some type of guerrilla promotion.

Family favorite Betty Bakery once again created treats for us, this time in the form of yummy subway-themed cupcakes. Each party-goer got a treat box (from my favorite and least-expected kids’ party supplier, The Knot Wedding Shop!) that we decorated with homemade subway line stickers.

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