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In popular culture, science-fiction stories look more like the real world than ever before. A fourth-generation Floridian returns to the Sunshine State to photograph this extreme Southern sport. The reality show’s emphasis on the survival stories of its contestants reveals how performance can be empowering. The pharmaceutical giant imposes new controls to prevent its drugs from being used in executions. A federal judge found the Maricopa County sheriff failed to follow an order related to a racial-profiling case. Pundits are calling foul on the presumptive Republican nominee for starting to court donors, but he’s depended on donations and loans to himself all along.
Whether red or white, whether drunk by Alicia Florrick or Olivia Pope, the beverage has become a metaphor for anxieties that are uniquely feminine in their form. Thieves who stole $81 million from the central bank of Bangladesh may also be connected to a second bank heist, as well as the  2014 Sony email hacks. Missouri voters will decide on a constitutional amendment that would require photo identification in order to participate in elections.
A youthful army of spray-gun commandos estimated at no more than 400 has not only painted scrawls on nearly all of the 6,700 subway cars; it has also painted the Transit Authority into a corner. Psychologists say graffiti are an attempt by insignificant people to impose their identity on others, if only until the wall is cleaned.
Back to the present, the emerging problem is the mutilation of station advertisements with boxcutters. Taki 183 was the first one to start using spray paint taking grafitti to a whole new level but magic markers on the inside of trains were way out of control by then. To those who would argue that the NYCTA did little about the graffiti in the early 1970s, I suggest you dig deeper into the TA archives. This is the second class of car that both entered service and was retired within my lifetime (the R-38s were pulled off the road earlier this year).
The R40s are actually in worse shape mechanically—the roofs are literally duct taped and bondo’d on in many cars.

I think he made his reputation, and then once he had a big staff of talented designers, tended to leave the real work to them.
His GG-1 Electric Locomotive is a masterful iconic example of streamlining, but the streamlined steam locomotive he did at roughly the same time is a misshapen excrescense. Like many designers, Loewy had in mind a purity of form that didnt take into account the realities of how the design would actually have to operate, and the Slants had to have safety appliances and other hardware appended to them, which mussed up the original design purity. The the R-40s & R42s were also merely stainless steel sheathed, rather than 100% solid stainless, like cars from Budd. And the return of the city's gray line means that the MTA's animated GIF of trains coming back to life is nearly complete. The train is clearly being held at a red signal as riders are peering into the tunnel to see why they’re not going anywhere, and the outside is absolutely covered in graffiti.
I still have a NY Times article from the early 70s where a reporter asked the MTA why they weren’t doing anything about the problem. Can’t remember if it was a news article or a Letter to the Editor from a high TA official in response to an article about grafitti. But that, or Ed Koch’s guard dogs, or the white exterior cars, never tried to deal head-on with the problem, and just assume graffiti was systemic and ultamately impossible to eliminate completely).
It couldn’t have been at this time, when I would have taken my first subway ride with my parents as I was 6 (perhaps my first ride was years earlier), and this would have been the kind of train I rode on, in fact, from the DeKalb L station. Because the sloped end was ultimately unsatisfactory, the last batch of 40s was delivered with vertical end caps similar to those designed for the R-42s.
They’re the oldest trains in the system, from 1964 (only four years older than the R40s, true, but they seem much worse). The R32s are unpleasant, but still kicking it… either way they’ll too be gone soon! His best work, in my opinion, was his early industrial designs done in the Depression, when updating and modernizing existing appliances and devices made them more appealing and added to perceived value.
It shows how many of each type of car are still in service and what lines that type runs on, but not how many of each type run on each line.
This means that the police send someone around to talk to the young scrawler’s parents.

But the Williamsburg and Bushwick L stations have more of the press coverage on this problem. I had a personal one on one conversation with him in 1984 three weeks after he assumed the Presidency and he told me he was going to make grafitti removal his highest priority. With their familiar front slants and large windows, the R40s provided straphangers with a clear view out the front or back of the trains.
It was heading to Far Rockaway, and then likely it would return to 207 for the last time, where it would be taken out of service.
They are by far the worst cars in the system, in my opinion — slow, noisy, dirty, dim, and just plain unpleasant to ride on. In 1972, they started attacking the stations and in the following year the outside of the subway trains, and as they say the rest is history. Modified R-40 cars 4572 and 4573, the pair seen in the famous chase scene in The French Connection, are based out of Jamaica Yard. Already, most of them have been replaced by R160s, and according to Rail Fan Window via a Subchat poster, the last R40 will roll off the line at around 8 p.m. That article was written before that even started which shows how big of a problem it was even before 1972. That if he knew beforehand how difficult the job of NYCTA President was, he never would have taken the job because someone always has an excuse why anything you want to do cannot be done. The Transit Museum will receive a pair of cars, rumored to be 4280 and 4281, but for one final ride, catch it on the A. If the TA did something about it sooner instead of virtually ignoring the problem except for cleaning the stations occasionally before just giving up, it never would have gotten so bad.

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