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Don’t Miss a Deal!Be the first to know about free movies and concerts, restaurant and theater discounts, sample sales and more. NYC on the Cheap has an affiliate relationship with some of the companies that offer deals on this site. Metrolink to provide TAP-enabled ticketsMetrolink and Metro have worked collaboratively to create a Metrolink ticket that is compatible with the Metro TAP system.
The news comes courtesy of the Daily News, who spoke to sources who told them the MTA is discussing two fare hike plans. Of course, you’ll have time to comment on this when the MTA sets the dates for their fare hike hearings in December. If it hadn’t been for a trip to New York to visit friends, Dave Hill might still be transporting a tub of eyeballs on the floor of his car around rural Ohio. Choose from Meatball Marinara, Turkey Breast, Italian BMT, Roast Beef, Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt, or Steak and Cheese. All the stories on our site are protected by copyright and any unauthorized copying is strictly prohibited. So when you purchase a deal from one of these advertiser links, we earn a small commission.

TAP-enabled tickets are dispensed from Metrolink Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) and allow passage through Metro’s turnstiles leading to Metro rails lines and stations.All Metrolink tickets with Los Angeles County destinations are TAP-compatible, and all riders are required to physically tap their tickets at the turnstiles and validators when transferring to a Metro Rail line. If you don't want to miss news of events and deals in NYC and nationwide, subscribe to our email newsletter.
If you’d like to help keep NYCOTC in the business of helping you save money, this is a great way to do it.
When boarding a bus, the current policy of simply showing the bus operator your Metrolink ticket will still be in effect. Subscribing also gets you access to special freebies like movie tickets that are available only to subscribers RSS feed. Tapping is not required on buses.FAQsWhat are Metrolink TAP enabled tickets?A Metrolink TAP enabled ticket is a new ticket that provides customers with access through Metro Rail turnstiles and validators. Tickets and passes with a Los Angeles County destination, along with all Monthly Passes are TAP enabled. A TAP enabled or compatible ticket has a “smart chip” and antenna embedded into the ticket. Eventually, it’s going to cost more than your heating bill, but today is not that day.

Credit cards, rewards cards, expired TAP-enabled tickets or smart phones could interfere with the antennae. They operate light rail, buses and van pool throughout one of the most populous counties in the country. Metro is one of Metrolink’s five member agencies and is responsible for the majority of its funding, based on the number of miles in Los Angeles County.
Each TAP card has an electronic chip inside; just load the type of pass with the amount you want on your card, and the chip remembers it.
Then you simply tap your card each time you board a Metro Rail or bus, and the bus farebox or rail validator looks for valid pass first.

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