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New York hides 16 abandoned and disused stations and one of the stations that’s worth a visit is the City Hall subway station. What’s eye-catching here is the central mezzanine that is covered with green, brown and cream-tiled arched walls (Guastavino tile arches) that join the arched ceiling with a glass skylight at the center. Fearing a major snowstorm, New York officials shut down the subway, a major inconvenience that could have longterm consequences. But that doesn’t mean after the fact assessments are invalid, especially when millions of people are affected.
With meteorologists predicting blizzard conditions and perhaps as much as 18 inches of snow for New York City, city and state officials moved quickly to shut down as much of the transportation system as possible.
Commuter railroads were shut down as well, making for an eerily empty Grand Central Terminal. But there’s a good chance New York lost more than the stakes it thought it was putting down, and that it has created a longterm problem for itself. Which is the last thing you want people thinking when you really need to clear the streets. I used to work in a museum all the way downtown, which meant that a few days a week, I was commuting from the Bronx to Battery Park City– for a total of 2 hours a day.
The subway car that is being held at the station will wait another minute so that you can get in, quickly and painlessly.

Those doors will shut the moment that you get within three steps of the subway car, and you know it. As officials begin to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy to New York City’s public transit system, all services in NYC remain suspended on Tuesday morning. As train car sizes increase to handle the growing number of passengers, stopping by the station and going around back north became difficult.
You have limited information to work with, tremendous time constraints, and way too many variables.
And in the case of the decision to shut down New York’s public transportation system in the face of a snowstorm Monday night, it looks like the wrong call was made.
Effectively forcing millions of people to stay at home has obvious consequences: Shops and restaurants don’t get business, public transit and taxis lose out on fares. You accept these downsides rather than risk stranding people and clogging the roads at an especially inopportune time. 2005’s Hurricane Katrina is a good example: Mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders were issued, but disregarded by many. This includes not only the 108-year-old subway system, which experienced substantial, unprecedented flooding, but also all bus services, bridges and tunnels, as well as all Long Island Railroad, and Metro North lines.
Passenger trains in the #6 subway line still go through this loop but never stop in this station.
The newer cars were too long for the station that could only handle up to five train cars and the gap between the train and the platform became too wide that it was dangerous for passengers to walk over.

More than an inconvenience, that could be a bigger problem than you realize, one that could haunt the area years down the road.
The Metro-North and Long Island commuter railroads were shut down, and all bus and subway service was suspended at 11 pm Monday night.
People can’t get to the pharmacy to pick up medicine, check on relatives, or get to the doctor’s office.
Memories of Boston in the 1978 blizzard and and Atlanta in an ice storm last year show what can happen if you don’t. As of yesterday night seven subway tunnels under the East River have flooded, in addition to commuter tunnels, subway stations, rail yards and bus stations. New York has its own memories of catastrophic weather, like Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and a 2010 blizzard. Or, perhaps even worse, government officials could disregard the warnings of meteorologists and decide not to order a shutdown even when one might be warranted, not wanting to get it wrong again. Imagine trying to rescue stranded passengers from a stranded elevated train line in a blizzard. The next time a blizzard’s expected, people may say, “Remember that time they closed the subway because they were so afraid?

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